Why Testimonials Are So Important

Why Testimonials Are So Important


Testimonials are what we call Social Proof. Rather than a visitor who turns up to your website having to believe what you have to say to them as being true, they can look to your testimonials for proof that what you are portraying on your website does reflect what others have to say.

Testimonials can be carried out in a variety of ways, and here I list a few options you can consider.

  1. Having a Testimonial page on your website

This is fairly self explanatory, but make it easy for your visitors to see what others have to say about you. Set up a testimonial page and have a link to it from your main navigation. You can also look to have some excerpts in your copy, and also in the footer area. There is no right or wrong answer but make sure you have your testimonials easily accessible. If you are a local service company, this can work really well as people who visit your website may know the person who has left you a testimonial and will therefore be that much more likely to buy.

  1. Set yourself up a Google local places and get testimonials added here by your clients

Google local places help with your search engine optimization but it also has an area where your clients can add testimonials. I recommend you get your customers to leave them on your Google Local Places page, and then you copy and paste them from there onto your website. This way you can have them in both areas.

  1. Video testimonials

Video testimonials are very powerful. They bring life to the testimonial. A great tip is to add them to your You Tube account, and then embed them on your website. The only downside is that video testimonials can be harder to get from your clients. They can also look quite unprofessional if the client does not have a good video recording device. A simple way around this is when you next make a visit to your client, or they come into your shop, get out your simple recording device (such as an iPhone) and get them to say a 30 second testimonial. You can then edit it if needed, and upload to your You Tube account.

  1. Word of mouth testimonials

Referrals are the easiest way to get business if you remind your customer base to refer you. The reason referrals are so powerful is because they do the selling for you, so when the prospect gets to you, they are already sold, and generally just need some questions cleared up. Therefore incentivize your clients to refer you, and remind them to refer you. Send them a letter, or a newsletter, or postcard, and make it clear that you rely on their referrals and would appreciate it if they could keep you in mind when they next hear of someone needing your particular service or product.

Testimonials are very powerful. They can be slightly time consuming to organize, but are well worth the effort. If you have a client base that you have done work for in the past, there is no better time than now to get in touch with them and look to get some testimonials working for you.

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