Whirlaway Waste Disposal – ½ Horsepower

Whirlaway 291 ½ Horsepower Waste Disposal

If you are looking for just a little more than basic power, this whirlaway waste disposal – ½ Horsepower is a great option. This Whilaway 291 model garbage disposal can offer you a ½ horsepower of power. If you are using something smaller, you will surely notice the difference. If you are not someone who knows much about disposals and you are still deciding on size, you need to go by your needs. Some people opt for a smaller motor to save a few dollars, but if you are a frequent user you may found out it was the wrong choice. The ½ horsepower is a great choice if you are not sure if you should go higher or lower.

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Details Of Whirlaway Waste Disposal – ½ Horsepower

This unit is right in the middle for power and just a step up from the lowest. So treat yourself to that little bit of extra elbow grease to get the job done with ease.

If you use your disposer frequently and for larger amounts, you want one that can handle that and this one can. It is also still set at a budget friendly price that anyone can appreciate.

Features Of This Waster Disposal

Even a garbage disposal has information you may want to know. Your garbage disposal does a lot of work for you. So you want to make sure that it can take care of that food waste for you. You want to also make sure that it will fit where you need it to. This disposal has quite a few things that you would be interested in knowing, so we want to make sure that you have the information you need. All you need to do is keep reading to get it.

Power: This garbage disposal model has a decent amount of muscle to offer you at ½ horsepower.

Motor: This garbage disposal has one of the most advanced motors on the market. It has a permanent magnet Vortex motor. Which produces more power per pound!

Easy Mount System: This disposal is easy to install, can be installed by just about anyone since it comes with an easy mount system.

Removable Splashguard: Comes with a removable splashguard for safety and to prevent splattering.

Deasign: This disposal is compact in design, which makes it great for smaller areas. No having to stop and wait while feeding, this unit offers you continuous feed. This disposal is on the lighter side weighing in at under 9 pounds. Which is great for when installing and easier on hardware it is connected to.

Corrosion Resistant: Grinding chamber and components are made of corrosion resistant steel, which is also great for durability and reliability.

Warranty: This garbage disposal also comes with a 2-year in home warranty. Which is great, because they will come to you when if it needs repair within warranty period.

Safety: This disposal will work with septic’s that are large enough to accommodate it. This disposal is made by a reliable company that you can trust to give you the best in disposals.


  • Motor provides ½ horsepower of power.
  • This disposal puts out 2600 RPM.
  • Overall product dimensions are 13.7 inches X 6.1 inches X 5.9 inches.
  • Products weight is 8.7 pounds.


  1. Gives you the power of a 1/2 horsepower to get the job done.
  2. Offers up 2600 RPM, which is more than respectable in a disposal.
  3. Easy mount system, making installing a breeze. Almost anyone can install by themselves.
  4. Continuous feed, no more having to stop while feeding disposal. Just feed the disposal till it’s all gone.
  5. Corrosion resistant stainless steel used for grinding components and grinding chamber.
  6. Space saving, it’s great size is perfect for when you need a smaller disposal unit.
  7. Removable splash guard included, for safety to help protect from splatters or splashing.
  8. Lightweight, since it comes in at just under 9 pounds it makes it easier to handle during install. It is also easier on the hardware it is attached to.
  9. Safe for septic’s that are large enough to accommodate it.
  10. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.


  1. This does not come with a cord, so it needs to be wired in. Always recommended to only let a professional handle the electrical aspect.
  2. This model is still a little on the noisy side, but with the great price tag a little noise may be no big deal.

Final Note

Now that you know the features, hopefully you have found that this disposal is a great choice for you. You can be sure that this disposal as all the things that you need in step up from the basic. You get a great price, good performance and reliability all wrapped into one. This is a great garbage disposer for any average household to take care of all your basic disposal needs.

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