Whirlaway Waste Disposal with Cord – 1/2 Horsepower

Whirlaway 291 1/2 Horsepower Waste Disposal with Cord

This is a great garbage disposal for those looking for a corded model. Whirlaway waste disposal with cord model is a great model for those not wanting to deal with wiring one in or for those who aren’t set up to wire one in. This is a great garbage disposal also for the fact it has an easy install system. So this garbage disposal is easy enough for almost anyone to self-install. It comes with instructions, but videos for installation are also available online. The design this disposal offers you is great, because it makes it a great option for space saving needs.

It is also budget priced to fit almost anyone’s budget, which is another great factor for the 1/2 of horsepower it has to offer you. It also uses one of the most advanced motors on the market.

So you can be sure you get the most power you can out of your disposal. This is a great disposal for the average household.

This disposal does not come with a ton of bells and whistles, but what it does come with you should know.

Features Of Whirlaway Waste Disposal with Cord

Motor: This disposal uses one of the most advanced motors on the market. It has a permanent magnet vortex motor that gives you more power per pound than many other disposals on the market.

Space Saving: Due to its compact design, it makes it a great option for those smaller spaces if needed

Corrosion Resistant: This disposal uses corrosion resistant steel for the grinding chamber and grinding components. The steel also makes it more durable and reliable.

Decent H.P. : While it doesn’t offer the highest in horsepower, it doesn’t offer the lowest either. It gives you a great middle horsepower of 1/2 horsepower of power.

Easy Installation: Installation is a breeze with the easy mount system that this disposal comes with. It can be attached to any sink and most existing waste disposal hardware.

Splash Guard: There is a removable splash guard included, to help prevent splashes or splatters.

Safety: This disposal is save for septic’s that are large enough to accommodate a garbage disposal. This disposal allows you to continuous feed, so no having to stop while feeding. Just keep giving it what you have until it is gone.


  1. Disposal boasts a full 2600 RPMS.
  2. Disposal offers up a ½ horsepower of power.
  3. Total weight of disposal is 9 pounds.
  4. Overall product dimensions are 5.4 inches X 5.4 inches X 13.4 inches
  5. Stainless steel components


  • Stainless steel grinding chamber and grinding components for reliability and durability. It also helps prevent corrosion of the parts also.
  • Motor offers up a respectable and strong ½ horsepower of power.
  • Puts out 2600 RPMS, to make the grinding process run smoother.
  • Space saving, the compact design makes it great for tight spaces.
  • Easy mount installation, for fast installation. Easy enough for most people to install themselves.
  • Removable splash guard included to help protect against debris and splatter.
  • Permanent magnet vortex motor, giving you more power per pound. Also giving you the latest in motor technology.
  • This model is a corded model all you have to do is plug into an outlet. No wiring in needed with this model.
  • Affordable price, offered at a great price any budget lover will appreciate.
  • Affordable price, offered at a great price any budget lover will appreciate.


  • Still puts out some noise, but sometimes worth it for the price.
  • Might still be small for some people’s needs.

Final Note

This is the disposal for you if you want just a little more power than just what a basic offers you. More power is important if you use your disposal frequently and for a lot of food waste. This is a perfect disposal when you are running tight on space, since it is narrower. You can trust the reliability and durability it offers you too, since it is made by one of the largest manufacturers of disposals in the market. This one is great for those who don’t want to deal with wiring either. Since all you have to do is plug this one in.

This is a great disposal for a replacement, or if it is a new install! It is so easy to install you could install it by yourself. Which is great for the DYI person, or the person who wants to save money by not hiring an expensive plumber. So do yourself a favor and see what this great disposal has to offer you.

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