Whirlaway Garbage Disposer with Cord 1/3 HP, Blue

Whirlaway 191PC 1/3 HP Garbage Disposer with Cord, Blue

When you are in need of a basic but durable garbage disposal, you don’t have to go very far. You can just stay right here and see what the whirlaway garbage disposer with cord has to offer you. This model is the one that is corded, meaning that it doesn’t need to be wired in.

Just plug it into a protect outlet and you are ready to go. Making it even easier to finish the installation process. This is one of the easiest disposals on the market to install. It is so easy it is a great choice for the DYI person, you can be done in minutes instead of hours.

Details Of Whirlaway Garbage Disposer with Cord 1/3 HP, Blue

The motor is on the lower end of the spectrum for horsepower, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get the job done. It is great for a smaller household with occasional to modern use. So if that is you and you want to save a few dollars this is a great budget priced disposal.

Simple but not without features you will benefit from or need to know. Such as specifications, safety features, durability features and more. So we are going to make sure you have the information you want and need.

Features Of This Whirlaway Garbage Disposer

So you don’t have to spend hours looking for it. We want you to truly be happy with your purchase when it arrives.

Motor: This disposal comes with an easy install system you will be sure to appreciate. Install in minutes not hours and great for the DYI person. The motor for the disposal puts out 1/3 horsepower, which is on the small size but don’t let size fool you.

Easy Install: This garbage disposal offers you one of the most advanced motors available on the market for a disposal. It offers you a permanent magnet Vortex motor that provides 1900 RPM, it gives you more power per pound than other models available on the market today.

This disposal offers you steel components that are also corrosion resistant. Steel also makes it more durable and reliable. It comes with a removable splash guard, helping to protect against food splatter.

The grinding chamber on this model has glass filled polyester, making it durable while offering a small amount of sound reduction. This disposal works great with septic systems, as long as the septic is large enough to accommodate a disposal.

This disposal lets you continuous feed, so you don’t have to stop when grinding your food. You just keep feeding it until you are done. This is the model that doesn’t require any wiring, it comes with a cord so you just plug into a protected outlet.


  • Overall weight of item is 8.7 pounds.
  • Overall product dimensions are 13.8 inches X 6.1 inches X 5.8 inches.
  • Connection is a 7/8 inches for hose.
  • Voltage is 120, 60 HZ
  • Origin of manufacture is China.


  • Space saving, the smaller design for this disposal makes it a great choice for small spaces.
  • The unit is lightweight making it easier for installation and easier on sink hardware.
  • The removable splash guard helps protect from splatters and escaping foods.
  • Advanced motor, the motor provided is a permanent magnet Vortex motor. One of the most advanced on the market for disposals. Giving you more power per pound. Making your food waste disposal quick and easy.
  • Small but strong power, this disposal offers a 1/3 horsepower motor. Don’t let size fool you, even though it is smaller it will get the job done.
  • This unit is corrosion resistant by utilizing steel grinding components.
  • The grinding chamber has glass filled polyester, to offer some sound reduction and durability.
  • Easy installation, this disposal offers an easy installation system. Making it easy for just about anyone to install. You can install within minutes and not hours.


Smaller motor, great for average households and basic use. If you are a larger household with substantial food waste, you may want a bigger motor.

Final Thought

Everything has pretty much been covered already, but chances are you have found something or maybe everything there is to love about this waste disposal. This is the disposal that is great for its function instead of its cosmetic looks. It will take care of your basic food waste needs, so you are not left with it. This model is great because it is corded, so all you have to do is plug it in. Which is great for someone who doesn’t want to deal with wiring or isn’t able to wire one in.

It is great for the budget friendly person as well, since it is offered at such a great price. So it is also a great selection for someone who may need more than one also.

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