What Is Lumpy Mail?

What Is Lumpy Mail?


With the revolution of the internet, businesses and customers are moving online, and as business owners, it is our responsibility to give our customers what they want, but to also stay ahead of our competition.

With the increasing trend of online marketing, one very effective technique in marketing is being forgotten Direct Lumpy Mail.


What is direct lumpy mail?

Direct mail, or direct response marketing is when we are able to put in a call to action, a unique discount code or some other identifier so that we are able to track the results of our campaign. For example, if you send out a letter to prospective clients, you should put a code in there that people quote to get their discount when they ring. The purpose of doing this is so that we know how effective the letter campaign was.

Response rates can be very low with direct mail advertising, and this is why we can make it more effective by utilizing Direct lumpy mail.


What is direct lumpy mail

Direct lumpy mail is the same as the process above, but to improve our chances of captivating the recipient, we attach something physical to the letter. This causes a lump in the envelope (which will result in the recipient opening it).

Now the lump does not need to be expensive. There are loads of different ideas you can do, and here are a few

  • staple some aspirin to the top and say Are your dirty carpets causing you a headache (alter depending on your industry)
  • attach a $1 coin to the top as a gimmick
  • screw up the letter you send and put into an A4 envelope. At the top of the letter say This will be the only thing we screw up when you work with us
  • attach a voucher or an example of a cheque for $xxx stating We want to pay you money this is to encourage referrals then explain how

As you can see the options are endless. While some of these may seem slightly corny, they are very effective. Imagine how you would feel opening your mail to get something like this? It just doesn’t happen, and that is why we need to get away from traditional marketing, and start using unique strategies like these to capture our markets attention.

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