What Are Speed Bag Stands?

What Are Speed Bag Stands?

Here you will find lots of helpful information, as well as useful links to suppliers and manufacturers of different types of speed bag stand. Using speed bags is an effective way to get fit, increase alertness, hand-eye co-ordination and much more.

What Are Speed Bag Stands?

Speed bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and this is usually determined by the different manufacturers. All speed bags have to be mounted on a special speed bag stand to ensure your speed bag works efficiently and accurately. You could say, the stand for your speed bag is the difference between a good bag and a great bag.

There are a variety of different speed bag stands and mounts which we outline below.

Speed Bag Boards

Speed bags are usually mounted on a board or what’s sometimes called the ‘drum’. Your typical speed bag stand board is approx. 24 inches to about 36 inches. Your local gym may have a bigger one. Ideally, you would want your board to have an adjustable height to suit different users.

The lighter boards are usually made from press wood which may not be strong enough for heavy duty use. Reinforcement may be needed to ensure good stability and less vibration.

Speed Bag Swivel

Between the speed bag and the board, is what’s known as the swivel part of the speed bag stand. The swivel base attaches to the board and the moving action attaches to the speed ball. This is an essential component and a good swivel provides a good response from the speed bag.

The three main types of swivel are the ball and hook, chain link and speed bar.

The ball and hook is the oldest type of speed bag stand swivel. It consists of a ball attached to a hook. The ball can move in any direction within the base and provides a good movement. The chain link type is a small length of chain. These are quieter than ball and hook but can be difficult to attach to the ball. The speed bar type incorporate bearings that provide a fast smooth reliable action.

Some useful things to look for when purchasing a speed bag stand are freedom of movement, friction with the swivel, how noisy the speed ball is in its bracket, durability, quality and expected lifespan. At the end of the day, which type of speed bag stand you choose is going to be a matter of personal choice.

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