Review of The Wagner Power Steamer for Removing Wallpaper

If you need to strip wallpaper or give your home a really deep cleaning, then you need to check out a Wagner power steamer.

This little gadget is the best way to remove wallpaper from either plaster or drywall-based walls, in my opinion. All you need is a putty knife and a scorer – forget about that messy goo stuff. But beyond wallpaper removal, a Wagner power steamer is also a great cleaning accessory. The hot steam can remove years of grime from your floor, stove, shower tiles, etc.

So whether you just bought a new house covered in wallpaper and grime, or just want to get your old house sparkling again, an investment in this power steamer is a wise choice.

The Wagner 905 Power Steamer | Best Wallpaper Remover

The Wagner 905 steam cleaner provides 1500 watts of pressurized steam for deep cleaning or wallpaper removal. Simply fill the tank with water, let it heat up and you are ready to begin. The Wagner 905 comes with multiple attachments. The larger rectangular attachment is for wallpaper removal while the other attachment units can be used for cleaning floors, tile, and concentrated areas.

This power steamer weighs in at 18 pounds making it easy to move around for most people. It also comes with extender attachments for reaching those tougher spots.

Customer reviews of the Wagner 905 power steamer are quite good. Owners have found this little power steamer useful for a variety of tasks.

Wallpaper Steamers and Removal – Wagner 905 Review

I hate to admit it, but I have purchased two homes with wallpaper. You think I would have learned my lesson. So while I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on the wallpaper, I do have some experience.

In my first home, the wallpaper came off fairly easy with hot water and some elbow grease. But in my second home, I wasn’t quite as lucky. Not only was the wallpaper not coming off easily, but then what did come off often brought the paper coating of the drywall with it. Not good.

After calling around some local home improvement centers to inquire on wallpaper steamer rentals, I realized that it was probably cheaper to just buy a wallpaper steamer myself. Buying the Wagner 905 steamer was cheaper than 3 days of a rental. And since I had multiple rooms to strip of wallpaper and wasn’t interested in doing it all in one stretch, buying my own steamer seemed like the wise choice.

After using the Wagner 905 power steamer I can say that I am very happy with it. The steamer is easy to use and makes wallpaper removal MUCH easier. Plus I’m not destroying the walls in the process. And, I can remove wallpaper at my leisure and not worry about getting a steamer rental back to the store.

But the additional benefit, especially for someone like myself who has purchased a (new to me) older home, is that I can also use the Wagner power steamer for cleaning the house. I have a kitchen floor and bathroom floor that have seen better days, and I have high hopes of removing years of grime. I’m sure I will also find many other uses as well.

Wallpaper Removal Advice

If you fill the tank with water to the max, it will take a few minutes (about 5 to 10 minutes) to heat the water. So, allow this time to heat the water properly, otherwise, you will not get the appropriate result.

Final Notes

Wagner power steamer is a safe and chemical-free method for removing wallpaper. It uses a very simple process to work effectively, you just need to fill the steamer tank with water, wait for a few minutes to heat up, and you’re ready to start your work. You will get many attachments like nozzle brush, jet nozzle, cleaning brush, etc with Wagner power steamer for your various uses. And this steamer is very light-weight, so you can carry it easily everywhere inside your home or office or even outside.

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