Tree Stand Safety Tips

Tree Stand Safety Tips

Tree Stand Safety Tips

This is a hunter safety tips article that provides a list of tree stand safety tips.

1. Always use a safety harness when using a tree stand. There are many available on the market. Make sure to get one that fits adequately and supports your body weight class.

2. Only use tree stands that you are comfortable with and know how to properly use. Make sure the stand is adequate for your size.

3. Always use caution when climbing with or up to a tree stand. Take your time and pay attention to each step or climbing motion.

4. Always use a pull up rope to bring weapons up a tree. Never climb a tree with weapons. Always unload firearms before bringing them up the tree.

5. Always make sure the tree stand is securely attached to the tree. Also make sure the tree is of appropriate size to hold the tree stand and body weight.

6. If using tree steps, make sure they are of quality and are properly and securely attached. Use short step placements for easy climbing and better safety.

7. Use extra caution when climbing during wet conditions. The step and or tree will be slick.

8. Always check tree stands for loose screws or bolts prior to use. Also check any attachments to be used for proper fit and tightness. Make sure the stand is completely secure.

9. If using an attached seat, make sure the seat is securely attached to the stand. Also make sure the seat has not deteriorated from one season to the next. Replace if necessary.

10. Always follow the tree stand manufacturer’s instructions for proper use.

11. Always remove stands from trees at the end of each season. This will prevent damage from the elements.

12. Always use a climbing belt when climbing up or down from a tree.

13. Let someone know of your stand locations if hunting alone. This way if something does happen, they will know where to look.

14. Only use tree stands that have been properly constructed. Especially with homemade stands, don’t build them cheaply. Use quality materials.

15. Always practice using a tree stand prior to actual use in a hunting situation.

16. Always use caution when moving around in a tree stand. The chance of an accident is higher during movement.

17. Do not use a tree stand during bad weather conditions such as ice storms, thunder storms, or extreme windy conditions.

18. Never take chances when using a tree stand. Use common sense. It is always better to be extra cautious.

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