The Tragedy Of Hunting Accidents

Tragedy Of Hunting Accidents

The Tragedy Of Hunting Accidents

Like every hunting season, there always seems to be headlines in news articles of hunting accidents. Some are true accidents but many are also the lack of good judgement or laziness on behalf of so called hunters.

This turkey hunting season continues a sad tradition on the part of hunters. There have been news bulletins all across the country just about every week in which a hunter somewhere shot and killed or injured a fellow hunter. Of course these are classified as accidents.

Whenever I read these stories it usually boils down to a hunter that fails to take into consideration the basic rules of hunting safety. The primary rule being never shoot at a target that has not been properly identified.

In many cases the hunter has seen some movement, and without safety concern, shoots into the direction of the movement without identifying what the moving object really is. Sadly this ends up being another hunter.

These types of so called accidents should be the easiest to avoid. Unfortunately, there are still hunters out there that fail to use good judgement each and every year. This results in undue suffering on the part of victims and family members.

No one should have to learn of a relative or friend that has been involved in such a tragic story. The worst part about it is that in most cases, these accidents not only could have been avoided, but in all reality, they should have been.

As hunters, we owe it to ourselves, fellow hunters, and the general public, to at all times be responsible while hunting. We should always strive to take safety measures into consideration under all circumstances.

Go out and take a hunter safety course to refresh the thought process. Follow the rules of safety, don’t get lazy, and use good judgement and common sense while hunting.

For those hunters that continue to be careless remember one thing, you are not the only one that has to deal with your disregard for safety.

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