Top Three Energy Saving Appliances

Top Three Energy Saving Appliances

With prices going up everybody is keen to get more energy efficient appliances and gizmos, but what three type of devices can save you most?

Nowadays all kinds of electrical products are sold to us as being more energy efficient. While this is true we are also all consuming more electricity than ever before! There are certain products that we do not want to do without, but which can be energy hogs. Fortunately, as well as being the worst offenders there are some solutions too.


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The average size of screen has gone through the roof. While once it would be common for a household only to have a single 14” television screen, multiple large flat panel televisions and computers are now the norm in Britain’s increasingly tech hungry homes. Some of the advances that have been made in television technology have really come at the cost of drastically increased power consumption. Plasma TV’s in particular drink the juice like it’s going out of fashion.

Some new TVs are much better than others. It is possible to still have a big high definition screen and to save money on electricity. For instance LED-backlit TVs are the latest thing, using far less power than either plasma screens or traditional LED models while still delivering picture quality that would be undreamed of a decade ago.

There are certain features which can make a new television much more energy efficient. One of the most basic, but effective is screen blanking. This is where the set detects when the screen has been left idle and cuts power to the screen. Another nifty feature to look out for are ambient light sensors. These detect how bright it is in your living room and adjust the picture brightness to be the perfect match. This can save anything up to 50% in terms of energy consumption.


Washing Machines

Washing machines have long had a reputation as one of the worst culprits when it comes to energy consumption, to say nothing of water usage. For families with young children it is usual for the washing machine to be on every single day, so it makes sense to buy a model that is not going to break the bank when the electricity bill comes in.

There is a rating system to easily identify the most efficient washing machines. There is no reason to even think about buying a machine with a rating lower than ‘A’. So much has technology improved recently though that ‘above A’ grades (A+, A++, A+++) have had to be introduced to keep pace with new developments.

There have been a number of new washing machines on the market that have enhanced capacity; these machines have a larger load (as much as 11kg) with increased efficiency. If you are putting on one or more loads a day, it can save a lot of money to be able to consolidate them.



Tumble driers are some of the most energy hungry appliances out there. Especially with the long wet winter months it can be hard to dry clothes outside, so for many a tumble drier is a necessity. The difference in energy consumption between the best and the worst tumble driers on the market today is dramatic. The cost of a ‘C’ rated tumble drier in terms of energy consumption is as much as £60  a year extra compared to an ‘A’ rated appliance.

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