Top 5 Tools for Internet Marketing

Top 5 Tools for Internet Marketing

As a business owner we often get bogged down with the day to day responsibilities of keeping the business running. Often we will either talk to our marketing departments, or to our suppliers we outsource work to, but often we have limited knowledge in actually monitoring and tracking how effective our online marketing efforts are.

Tools for Internet Marketing

Here are 5 Internet Marketing tools that will help you and your business market themselves online.

Market Samurai

Brilliant tool for tracking ranks and doing keyword and competition analysis. There is no current tool that is as good, as powerful, and as cost effective. There is even a free trial for keyword research that you can use. Great if you want to learn more about search engine optimization

Google Analytics

Excellent for tracking traffic to your website and monitoring what they do. You will know how they got to your site, how long they stay, what pages they look at, what keywords they typed into the search engines plus much more. Free and very powerful!

Hootsuite Social Media

An excellent way to increase brand awareness and carry out reputation management. The downside is it can be time consuming accessing all the different platforms. Hootsuite will enable you to load up all your social media platforms and message out to them all from the one dashboard.

Aweber Email Marketing

Aweber Email Marketing is so important. We can’t expect when a visitor first turns up to our site to get on the phone and call us. Therefore if it takes several points of contact before they buy, we need to capture their email address when they get to our website before they leave. Once you have their email address you can provide quality information and eventually when you build trust, sell your services to your list. Aweber is brilliant and will let you set up autoresponders (an email series) and broadcast out to your whole list as desired.


Every client we work with we build their websites on WordPress or we get them to swap their current site over. WordPress has loads of themes and plugins which you can use to make your website more user friendly, and they are much easier to rank in Google than general standard html sites. The other great benefit of WordPress is that it gives you back end access to make changes to the site as necessary.

You don’t need to be an expert in every internet marketing tool available, but it does pay to know how to use the main tools you have available to use so that you can reduce your marketing costs and improve the impact your marketing efforts have.

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