Top 5 Plugins for WordPress Part 2

Top 5 Plugins for WordPress Part 2

If you have not seen our Top 5 plugins for WordPress part 1, make sure you go check it out first.

Here we will cover off another five really cool plugins that can increase the functionality of your website.


  1. Akismet

Tired of getting spam comments waiting to be approved or deleted? Akismet is a great plugin that stops the majority of spam comments from even getting to you for approval. They go straight to the rubbish bin. This is a free plugin for personal websites or blogs, but for commercial sites, it is a paid plugin. This is a great time saver and will save you having to go through all the different comments searching to see whether it is spam or not.

  1. WP Supercache

If your site is operating slow, you can look to install WP Supercache. This plugin will cache your pages so it loads a stored version for repeat visitors. While it will speed up your site, there is a couple of downsides with using a caching plugin like this. Firstly, it will cache the page, therefore if you make a change, the visitor may see the old cached version (at least for a week or so). Secondly, you will make changes to your posts and pages, and will want to check how they look. You may see old versions making it difficult to see what the new changes look like. In saying this these small issues don’t stop this being a great plugin for speeding up your sites loading times.

  1. Tweet Old Post

In our first part we talked about Wordtwit which sends out the title of the post and the link when you publish a new post. Tweet old post will tweet out a post after so many days. For example you can set it to 30 days, and to tweet out every 8 hours. This means it will only tweet posts that are 30 days old, and will send out a tweet with a title and a link every 8 hours. This is a great way to keep old content you have written fresh. I recommend sending out one or two tweets per day using this plugin. You want to make sure that you have lots of posts on your website so that it’s not tweeting out the same couple of blog posts all the time.

  1. WordPress SEO Yoast SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO is the best SEO plugin on the market currently. Rather than letting Google decide what our meta title and description is, we can enter this manually for every post and page. This is great because we can really specify what we want Google to think each post and page is about. You can also use this plugin for setting up your site map as well. Excellent plugin and I highly recommend it.

  1. External Links

When we have an external link (like to an authority site, or a suppliers site) we don’t want to pass link juice onto them, and lower the SEO value of our page. We can stop this by making the link a no follow link. However having to manually do this each time you have an external link can be a pain. What this plugin will do is make all external links no follow, and it will also make all external links open in a new browser, so therefore we never take our visitor away from our website. If they click close on the external link that they opened, our website will still be there in the background. I highly recommend you make all links that are external to third part sites no follow.

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