Top 10 Benefits of Moving Back in with Your Parents

Top 10 Benefits of Moving Back in with Your Parents

There is a famous episode of the hit tv show Seinfeld where George finds himself needing to Removalists Sydney to Gold Coast back home with his parents.  This is especially challenging for him because his parents are well… half crazy.  Plus, he just dreads (most of the time) having to tell people (especially women) where he is currently living.  He had hit rock bottom.  Well, in real life you may or may not have hit rock bottom but for whatever reason have found yourself needing to move back in with your parents.  I thought it would be good to look at some of the benefits of moving back in with your parents so here are the top ten that came to mind:

The price is right – This is by far and away the number one reason and generally what causes adults to have to move back in with their parents.  It could be that you got laid off from your job, you are going through a bad break-up (or divorce), or you just can’t make ends meet for one reason or another.  Reducing your expenses by moving back in with Mom and Dad seems to be getting more and more common (as a parent, I have to tell you that this greatly concerns me).

You know the drill – Regardless of how long you have been away from home you know these roommates and what you can or cannot get away with.  You also know what drives your mom and dad completely crazy.  The difference is since they are helping you out hopefully you won’t intentionally keep puling their strings.  If you need further assistance, here is a great article on rules for living back at home.

They have nicer stuff – Generally speaking mom and dad usually have collected nicer furniture and belongings (with the possible exception of really high tech gadgets but even that is starting to come around).  They have had more time to collect some of the finer things and you can seriously get used to that (sometimes to used to it that you wear out your welcome).

Food – There is more food and the quality of the food is much, much better (usually) when you are living back home with your parents.  Actually you generally already know what is good/bad so you can usually plan ahead (especially if you help them at the grocery store – or inspect the groceries when they arrive home as you used to do).

Support – No matter what got you into the situation you have a 24×7 support system available to you around the clock when you live at home with your parents.  This can be really important as you re-establish yourself and work towards getting back out on your own.

Less entertaining/parties – Even though you are now older there are still house rules that you have to abide by when you move back home with your parents.  There are few to no parties at home for instance and if you do have one, they are completely different than they were when you were on your own.

Fewer Dates – Just like it was when you were in high school it can be challenging perhaps more than ever when you move back home, to go on dates to find that special someone.  You also have fewer options when you are on a date (going back to your place is out).

Greater appreciation – Usually if you find yourself needing to move back home with your parents after struggling to make it on your own, there is a deeper appreciation for what your parents go through to support you (especially when they don’t really have to any longer).  This can lead to greatly strengthening your relationship with your parents (see #5 – support systems are nice).

Someone else to answer to – Sometimes having someone constantly there to answer to provides some needed motivation to get you moving in a positive direction.  Your parents naturally want a better life for you and want to see you live up to your potential.  Accordingly , they can keep you motivated just by their presence.

You can try to give back – If you are in this situation you can make every possible effort to help your parents as well (and should).  Help them get work done around the house, help them pay their bills too if you can.  You should look for opportunities to thank them properly for everything they did for you when you were growing up and what they are doing for you now as you go through this tough time.

Moving in with your parents is not a sign that you are a bad person or that you are a failure.  It is likely that you are just heading downhill on the roller coaster of life and will soon find yourself at the top again.  What’s more important is that you make the most of this opportunity that your parents are giving you to learn, grow, and come out of this a better person.  I say this regardless of whether or not you got laid off or are coming off of a bad relationship, or even a run-in with the police.  There are a ton of benefits available to you (if needed) when you move back home to live with your parents.

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