Things Not to Put Down Your Sink Garbage Disposal

Things Not to Put Down Your Sink Garbage Disposal

Having the help of a garbage disposal can be a great help. Even though we would like them to be indestructible, they are not. So there are still things you need to keep in mind when owning one. That way you can make sure that it lasts you for a long time.

Things Not to Put Down Your Sink Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals have improved over the years like other things, but they do have limitations. So you should know what you should not put down your disposal for not only your safety but for the life of your garbage Disposal.

Oil Or Grease

Just like without a disposal you should never pour grease or oil in your disposal. It all still goes into the drain, which eventually can lead to a clog. It can also gum up your disposal making it less efficient.

Fibrous Vegetables Or Peelings

There are some vegetables like celery that are really stringy that can create quite the mess and become entangled. Starchy foods can be a problem to and cause build up. So to avoid them would be best, but if you choose to still want to put them in the garbage disposal cut into smaller manageable pieces. Then put them in the sink garbage disposal.

Egg Shells, Really

Many wouldn’t think egg shells would pose a problem, because the shell breaks up easily. It is not the shell that poses the biggest problem. It is the membrane that is found just under the shell that does. It can wrap around the blades.

Coffee Grounds Indeed

Yes, coffee grounds, you would think they would go right down the drain. Which most will, but over time the coffee grounds that didn’t find their way out build up. Causing problems with your disposal, a good example of that is look at where loose grounds hang around in your coffee grinder.

Hard To Grind Pits Or Seeds

Pits and seeds can be really hard, which can be hard on your blades. Some pits or seeds are very small too and can become trapped causing issues also. They can also come shooting out at high speeds causing a possible safety issue.


Sure this one should be common sense, but with some makers making it a selling point of being able to grind bones lets mention it. Large bones are a given, you should never try to grind a large bone. You don’t have a bone crusher under your sink, you are asking for instant failure.

There are some that will welcome SMALL bones. It isn’t something I would recommend all the time, because they are hard on the blades and over time will take their toll. Also make sure to cover hole, so you can avoid shards shooting out. Check with manufacturer of your disposal before even attempting any bone matter.

Anything In Large Amounts

Sure there are some garbage disposal manufacturers that boast about continuous feed. Where you are supposed to just keep feeding the disposal till you run out. Enticing for many, but it is still recommended that you take your time so it has a chance to grind with ease, to lessen the stress on the motor that can catch up to you down the line.

Non Food Items

Unfortunately, someone decided to name garbage disposals, garbage disposals. Which make some think you can throw anything down them, including some garbage. Wrong, no garbage should be introduced such as wrappers, cigarette butts, napkins or more. Only food waste items meant for it should be introduced.

Expanding Foods

Foods such as rice and noodles are foods that are ones that most don’t think about. They will continue to expand even after you thought you ground them up. If you are going to grind them just make sure you sufficiently rinse your disposal to make sure it has made its way out of the disposal and drain.


Another common sense item to keep out of grinder is silverware. Most of the time when it does end up in there it is because the disposal entry hole is left open and it falls in. So keep the hole covered when not in use. Also keep it out  while operating the garbage disposal.

Glass, Ceramic Or Etc

We have all been there, where we have broken a glass or a dish. Don’t rinse it down into the garbage disposal. It is not good for the disposal and it can become a hazard, because the shards can shoot out and become projectiles.

Wash Rags, Towels, Scrubbies Or Sponges

Many keep rags, scrubbies, sponges and other items near or around the sink. Which also increases the risk for them to fall into the disposal hole. They can become entangled in the blade causing irreversible damage to your disposal.


If you have children or have had children, you already know what they are capable of. We love them, but we also know they love to throw things in sinks, toilets and more that don’t belong there. So if you have children or will have children visiting. Keeping the disposal covered will help avoid much of that, as well as watching them while they are around the sink.

Cat Litter

This is something that most know you shouldn’t do. It is for food, not pet waste so never put any type of food waste down the disposal. Sand, bedding or litter it can all cause problems with your disposal.

Hazardous Chemicals

Putting hazardous chemicals in the disposal can pose a safety problem as well as be harmful to your disposal. So never pour hazardous liquids into your disposal, dispose of properly.

Final Note

Most of what has been covered here most of us probably already know. This is just a reference and does not take place of your manufacturers recommendations. If you have a warranty on your garbage disposal you also want to make sure not to void that by doing things you shouldn’t. Your disposal will take care of you for years to come as long as you take care of it too.

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