The Technology of Tomorrow – How Household Appliances Might Look In Ten Years

The Technology of Tomorrow – How Household Appliances Might Look In Ten Years

We are all aware of the advances which have been made in the world of technology over the past few years; with smartphones, tablet computers and MP3 players now common personal possessions. Yet developments are not restricted purely to the realms of entertainment and leisure, with domestic appliances also getting a much needed overhaul.

Smart TVs are a concept that most of us have probably heard of, but these are just a drop in the ocean when it comes to future developments. With this in mind, here is a look at how household appliances might look ten years from now.


Shopping Fridges

An invention that is already beginning to gather pace, smart fridges are replacing smart TVs as the must-have gadget of the decade. These are designed to monitor the contents of your fridge and automatically place orders for the things you need most often – such as bread and milk.

All of this is done via an internet connection and is perhaps the closest we’ll ever get to a fridge which re-stocks itself. Future developments in this field could see similar technology transferred to other areas of the kitchen, with the cupboards next on the list to be monitored.

A system which stores your weekly shopping list and automatically orders the necessary items each week is not a distant dream either – all that’s left to do is develop a robot which is capable of carrying them from the door to the cupboard!


Robotic Cleaners

With lightweight vacuum cleaners which pivot on a ball already a device which has had a major impact in the world of cleaning, it is hard to imagine where technology can now take our humble vacuum cleaners. But with motion sensor technology a common addition to our vehicles, it is hardly a giant leap to imagine a world where our vacuums can control themselves – or at the very least, detect household objects.

Robotic cleaners are typically considered an unrealistic idea by many, but numerous news reports have suggested they could be much closer to reality than we may have thought. In fact, rounded cleaners capable of skirting across the floors on their own accord are already available for sale – although they don’t provide quite the same suction power as your traditional upright vacuum.

Similarly, those looking for help outside of the home can take advantage of auto-mowers: clever robots which are capable of keeping our lawns under control. With these developments already starting to gain popularity, the likelihood that this will be a continued area of development is strong. High powered robotic cleaners could be whizzing around our homes by 2023.


Going Green

Last, but by no means least, one controversial area that is sure to dominate household appliances of the future is how they will be powered. Developments in eco-efficiency have already seen the output of electrical devices lowered considerably, with solar powered toilets and washing machines slowly beginning to infiltrate our markets.

With the entire world looking for ways to ‘go green’, devices which use alternative energy sources or are powered via renewable sources are sure to become commonplace over the next ten years.

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