Tea Mugs – Picking The Best Mugs for Enjoying Your Tea

Tea Mugs – Picking The Best Mugs for Enjoying Your Tea


If you’re looking for the perfect mug to give you that exquisite feeling when drinking your tea, read on. You can easily choose from the wide variety of tea mugs that are available nowadays to you, as there are many different types of tea cups that you can go for when it comes to material, such as ceramic, cast iron, glass and if you are the traveling type, you can get hold of travel mugs as well.

With all the manufacturers that are designing and creating tea mugs for every preference out there, there are no shortages of cups, and there is one practically for everyone.

We all have our favorite tea mugs to drink our tea from. Many times people feel that drinking tea from some of tea cup makes tea taste differently somehow, not as enjoyable as when drinking from their own personal mug. This is why many people feel great sadness when the cup finally dies either of old age or because it fell on the floor and broke.

Tea drinking has a very long history as people have been drinking this beverage for many, many years already. Initially the art of preparing and drinking tea was a major ceremony in countries such as China, Japan and India, where tea was only prepared by experts. Many times the preparation and consumption of tea took as long as one hour since according to the Eastern beliefs tea should be consumed in a very silent and peaceful place in order to enjoy contemplation while drinking tea.


Tea Mugs or Tea Cups

Before we go into more details about the various types of china tea mugs, we need to make a distinction between tea mugs and tea cups. In a nutshell, every mug is a cup, but not every cup is a mug. Basically a mug is a strongly built cup which is used for drinking various hot beverages such as coffee, hot chocolate, and of course tea. Usually mugs are larger than the average cups and they can even hold up to 12 ounces (~ 350 ml) of drink in them, which is pretty much double than what a cup can hold. Nowadays mugs are mostly used in everyday setting, at home for example. In formal settings, cups are preferred due to their smaller and sometimes more elegant size.

Also it is important to make the distinction that for a cup to be considered a mug, it needs to have a handle for holding it.

Throughout the history many tea mugs were made of wood, clay or even bone, however nowadays you have them crafted of earth ware, china, porcelain, stoneware and even Pyrex. Also when it comes to colors, you can find them in practically all colors known to man and woman and then some more! From red, orange, blue, yellow, green, white with polka dots and other patterns on them, black, you will find your preferred colored tea mug, all you need is browse a bit around. While some mugs come in sets of 4, 6 or even 12, others are unique mugs, handcrafted or personalized so that no two people have the very same one. Shopping for various colors, sizes, styles and designs is a fun endeavor for many families.

So how do you know which tea mug to get for your own personal enjoyment? Well, here is an overview of the most common types with their main characteristics and benefits to get you started.


Cast Iron Tea Cups

These are tea mugs made of cast iron. The properties of cats iron allows you to keep your tea for longer periods of time than those made of glass or ceramic, due to the fact that cast iron is a material that has great heat retention properties.

Cast iron tea cups have a great history in ancient Japan and China. In Japan they are called Tetsubin tea cups. They usually have an enamel interior coating to keep the cups from getting damaged with use. Many feature various Chinese or Japanese patterns that symbolize Feng Shui positive energies, such as wealth, health or prosperity on them.

What you need to pay attention to when it comes to cast iron tea cups is the fact that the cast iron products should always be hand washed and dried without putting them in a dishwasher as this will allow them to maintain their durability for many years of use. With proper care, these cups can last you a life time.

When you hold your cup to drink your tea, make sure you don’t burn your fingers as these cups can easily get very hot to the touch until your tea cools down a little. Otherwise they are perfect for enjoying your tea in a serene, calm and peaceful atmosphere that the Eastern world knew how to attain for many years now.

Usually cast iron tea cups come with their own tea pot for a perfect tea set for gift giving for Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries.


Ceramic Tea Mugs

Ceramic, or porcelain, was always popular especially in Europe, however nowadays you can find ceramic tea mugs pretty much all over the world. Earlier on tea sets made of ceramic were considered luxurious items only to be used by royalty. I remember my mom had a beautiful ceramic set, also called China set, that she was very proud of and would not allow anyone to touch it due to the fear that it will break.

Indeed, ceramic tea mugs can easily break due to the fragile nature of the ceramic material. However, if you take care of your ceramic tea mug, it can last you as long as 10 or even 20 years.

Ceramic is a material that can easily hold the drink warm and you won’t burn your fingers while drinking your tea (unlike with cast iron tea cups) because the ceramic handle is always cold.


Glass Tea Mugs

Glass tea mugs are very popular especially in the Western world. They are preferred by many as they allow you to actually see your chosen beverage while drinking. Also you can easily see how dark and how strong your tea is getting. Many people find this an enjoyable way to drink their tea.

The glass for the mugs is usually very durable and heat resistant and mugs made of clear glass are extremely easy to clean. They are actually easier to clean than tea mugs made of other materials which can scratch. Good quality glass tea mugs are dishwasher safe. Since they are not fragile small cups for fine dining, they are easier to handle and drink the tea from.

Glass tea mugs are very comfortable and quite attractive and many have a glass lid for allowing you to seep your tea. Some people are actually using their lid as coasters.

There are many other types of tea mugs available online or at your local home center store, however the ones introduced above are the most popular all over the world. On the following pages we will be introducing each of these types separately and in great detail, with options to shop for your favorite tea mug with great discounts.

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