Tea Infuser Mugs – for Steeping Your Tea Right in Front of You

Tea Infuser Mugs – for Steeping Your Tea Right in Front of You

Tea infuser mugs are the perfect way to make your tea when you like drinking your tea from loose leafs. Preparing it in tea infusers is very easy and drinking it is fun.

All you really need is put your loose tea in the tea infuser part of the mug, brew it and then throw away the leaves so you can fully enjoy your tea. You can also use teabags, of course, if this is your type of tea that you like. The built-in infuser allows you to make your tea very easily. Many tea infusers are made of glass, which allows you to actually watch the tea leaves unfurl during steeping. This allows you to see the color of your tea and simply enjoy the entire process while drinking your favorite beverage as fresh as it gets.


Glass Tea Infuser Mugs

The glass tea infuser mugs are made mostly of Borosilicate glass which is much stronger and more heat resistant than the regular glass. It is very easy to steep your tea fully in this tea mug, and all you need to do afterwards is remove the infuser in order to fully enjoy the taste of your freshly brewed tea. The only problem with this type is that it eventually chips since no matter hard glass is, it’s afterall, still glass.


Plastic Tea Infuser Mugs

There is also another type of tea infuser mug made of BPA free plastic. If you want to make sure that your mug really remains good for a long time, plastic tea infuser mugs are much better to get. Of course, you won’t have the pleasure of watching your tea brew or watching the color of your tea while drinking, however this really works with loose teas, with tea bags as well as coarse ground coffee. This means that your tea mug can be easily used as a coffee mug as well. It usually has a convenient snap-shut lid that allows it to keep your favorite beverage without spilling over. Usually the lid fits in the standard car cup holder, so you can take the tea with your in your car as well. As it’s made of hard plastic, you can place it in the dishwasher without problems. In addition, it is also microwave save, so you don’t need an extra tea kettle to brew your green tea or black tea. The Aladdin tea infuser mug is a perfect example of this. Click on the image to get more information about it.

You can also find it in a ceramic version, and it is called the tea spot steeping mug. Ceramic tea infuser mugs are equally popular with the tea drinking crowd. Personally I quite like this variant as it’s really homey and cute. You can easily find the mug handcrafted using high quality lead free ceramic or porcelain. You can use the lid for a saucer that will hold your infuser basket. This too is microwave and dishwasher safe, just like the plastic tea infuser mug. It comes with three main parts: the actual mug, the infuser and the lid that works as a saucer as well. You can easily steep both loose teas leaves and tea bags in it.

Due to the big sized infuser, you can have plenty of space for your tea to unfurl so that it can fully release its flavor and the great aroma into the tea brew. Also the steeper has small holes so you won’t have the problem of the tea leaves falling through into your cup. What I particularly like about this type is that the handle of the ceramic tea infuser mug allows you to steep the tea and quite high temperatures. Also if you have rather small hands, the angular shape of the handle will be very convenient especially for you. I have one just like the one in the picture, which I use at work every day. It’s pleasing to the eyes and very nice to look at.

There are several other types of tea infusers as well, however the main materials used are glass, hard plastic and ceramic. They are most popular with tea lovers these days.

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