5 Best Stand Mixers in 2020 – That Do All The Hard Work For You

1. KitchenAid Artisan It is a real design classic and a real eye-catcher with its retro look. The old American machine, which is made entirely of stainless steel and is therefore quite heavy, simply looks good in the kitchen. A kitchen appliance from KitchenAid is loved and deeply coveted – for its fans, it is … Read more

TOP 8 Indoor Grills for 2020 – Best Activities in Lockdown

1. Philips HD6371/90 Our first place is the smoke-free Philips indoor grill HD6371 / 90 *, which uses infrared technology to ensure even heat distribution during grilling. This model prevents the drops from coming into contact with the heating element, reflecting the heat of the element towards the food. The cold drip tray collects fat … Read more