Sure Steps On How to Avoid Premature Ejaculation

Sure Steps On How to Avoid Premature Ejaculation

When it comes to the issue of premature ejaculation, everything in a family that contributes to the maximum enjoyment in a marriage seems to be tied around sex between couples. But in a situation when a man is having premature ejaculation, there are always certain things that are sure to happen and those are frustration, unnecessary anger for your partner or fear, and sense of inability. When this happens to man who is the main subject matter, there is bound to be reduced number of times in which he usually has sex or a total withdrawal. Most times, the reason why men usually stay away from sex at this time is because they feel they might embarrass themselves and sometimes the sense of not been able to satisfy ones partner is even more painful than the fact that you can hardly enjoy sex to the fullest. And now you may ask “so how can I avoid premature ejaculation? Well, if you are very determined to get a fix to your problem, then this is the right article to read because I will be unveiling some major facts and truths about this problem that will help you take the right steps in solving it. Ensure that you read all what I have in this article to get a complete idea on what you need to do to stop premature ejaculation.

The first step thing that you must do is to increase your foreplay. Don’t be in a hurry to slot in your penis in your partners vagina as soon as you get the chance. Such kind of quick effort to get into her is only bound to give an impression that indicates that you are the type of guy that doesn’t really care about how she feels in bed or her satisfaction but only selfish and cares only about your own satisfaction and how to fulfill them. Trust me, on everything you want her to feel, you certainly don’t want her to feel that way about you. Learn to take out time to play with her in bed, make use of your hands and tongue and ensure that you increase her desire for penetration. And even when she has been highly aroused, still do some more foreplay before finally inserting your penis into her vagina.

This second step might get you a little bit uncomfortable most especially if your religion doesn’t support it, but hey! I have to say it anyway because it works really well for those who have tried it. Masturbation is another key point when trying to avoid premature ejaculation. A lot of men who have tried this technique have been able to master how fast or slow they ejaculate. Masturbation is one of the major techniques that will help you determine the way you feel and the sensations that come along sexual intercourse and thereby giving you the ability to master how they work in your sexual life. In order to get the right result that you desire about your sexual life, then you must learn to practice using the masturbation technique and if after practicing severally and you don’t get a suitable result, the next step you must take is to get the help and support of a doctor.

The third step is about your observation and knowledge about how your body works. This is the method where you have to observe and notice when your body starts feeling the sensation that tells your brain that you are in your peak mode. Your peak mode is when you are about to climax or ejaculate. Once you detect this mode, the next step you should take to avoid premature ejaculation is to withdraw your penis from her vagina and wait for some time for your body to return to the normal state and while you are waiting for your body to stabilize, ensure that you don’t keep her waiting too, you can keep her in mood by stimulating her vagina with your hands until you are ready to get back in. Using this technique is one sure way to last longer in bed.

The fourth step is one of the most effective techniques of all times. This technique is called the kegal exercise training for men. Through this exercise a lot of men have been able to get a hold of that sexual life that they have always desired. Kegal exercise is that type of exercise that focuses on strengthening your pelvic muscle. With kegal exercise you will be able to gain mastery over your level at which you often climax. There are quite a lot of materials on the web that gives detailed information on how to go about this exercise. Most of the things that you need to do, do not require any formal supervision whatsoever before you can put it to work and the exercise is the type that you don’t need a specialized environment for its performance as you can do it even at the comfort of your home.

The fifth step has to do with your ability to find out those ticklish parts of your partner as this have proven to be very effective in preventing premature ejaculation. This is the period when you get her into the mood of sex without letting yourself into the mood first. Ensure that you tickle her to the point when she is so high, while you are tickling her, ensure that your mind is in control of your feeling of sex because the mind has a lot to do also with how fast a man ejaculates. So make sure that you think about satisfying her sexual desire first before thinking about yourself. These in other words mean that; your concentration should be that of giving her pleasure.

You should not have too much problem when trying to avoid premature ejaculation with the various steps and techniques that I have made available to you, all you have to do is to follow any of the steps interchangeably to achieve your purpose. I wish you the best  in your quest to gaining back your sexual respect.

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