Having A Special Garden Your Whole Family Can Enjoy

Having A Special Garden Your Whole Family Can Enjoy

Gardening is good for more than just food production. It’s an excellent and satisfying hobby that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It’s easy and fun to get comfortable and head out to the garden to dig in the dirt, plant seeds and seedlings and harvest the fruits of your labors. Of course, there’s a learning curve involved, but learning about gardening is another fun hobby your whole family can enjoy. Why not start right here and right now?

From the Farmer’s Almanac to the most modern scientific manuals, there are all kinds of gardening tips, tricks and secrets to learn that will help you and every member of your family become better gardeners. The nice thing is that, even without intensive learning, you can enjoy a satisfying gardening experience. Whether you have a few acres, a good sized city lot, a small courtyard or a patio with some planters, you can grow beautiful flowers and a sizable amount of food while enjoying pleasant times outdoors with the ones you love.

When you plan your garden, you should take the whole family into account. Be sure to set aside a special garden area for children, and think of the types of flowers, veggies and fruits each family member likes. When the members of your family each have areas of their own, they will feel inspired to plant favorites and take pride of ownership in their private gardens.

As adults get their gardens underway, it’s always fun and rewarding to help little ones get started. Hardy, big-seeded plants such as sunflowers and squash provide children with easy planting and fast and dramatic results. Some people also like to plant beans in conjunction with sunflowers because the sunflowers provide natural stakes for the beans to climb. This combination makes a fun and friendly forest for little ones to enjoy.

In addition to fruits and veggies, be sure to plant a few evergreen bushes in your garden or planters. By planting a variety of annual, perennial and evergreen plants, you can enjoy your garden all year round. Dress up your garden with scarecrows, hay bales and pumpkins in the fall, treats for the birds and lights for the winter holidays and festive and beautiful springtime flowers when the weather begins to warm at winter’s end.

Attract birds, butterflies, bees and other beneficial wildlife to your garden with a wide variety of blossoms, and seeds. Provide birdbaths and water dishes for native fauna. If you garden without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, you will soon have a thriving habitat for all manner of pleasant little critters. This will provide a great learning experience for your children and enjoyable time in nature for you.

When you plant a garden, you are providing yourself and your family with an ongoing adventure. In terms of added beauty and value to your yard, your home and your life, there is no single pursuit that can beat gardening. It’s an activity that helps provide excellent fresh produce for your table. Additionally, the hobby of gardening teaches kids about nature and helps build memories and bring families together with happy times well spent.

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