Does Social Media Really Work?

Does Social Media Really Work?


Social Media is really taking the internet by storm with several platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all making a healthy contribution to the sharing of information.

Over the past 2 years I get asked often does social media work?

Like everything in life, the question is difficult to answer with a yes or no so let me explain my views on social media.

Social media is great from a personal/private perspective. If you want to stay in touch with your friends, upload videos for family, keep up to date with the latest celebrity shenanigans, then the various social media platforms available to you are perfect!

From a business perspective, social media CAN be very effective, but at the same time, with the wrong strategy, can be very time consuming.

What do I mean? 

Certain business industries will find it much easier to create a fan page in Facebook than others. For example, if you are a winery, you could have a very active fan page where you will find it easier to get fans because most people like wine, especially good wine, and you can promote tours, wine specials and if you have a restaurant, lunch and dinner specials. This can work really well and I know of some wineries who add a great amount of value to their business by being active in Facebook.

Then, you can have the car mechanic. Now while it is not impossible to use a fan page as part of your marketing strategy, you will find it harder to get this off the ground. To get likes, and to get people talking about you will be a harder road than what the winery will encounter. Or for example, if you are a curtain manufacturer you are really going to struggle to get fans flocking to your fan page.

While the two examples above may sound ridiculous, I am trying to point out that certain industries will have a much tougher time. I know if I was a car mechanic, well before I would even consider social media I would do the following

  • Website
  • SEO
  • Pay Per Click
  • Work with current client database

These 4 strategies I have just listed will be much more effective to your business, than trying to get up and running in social media.

So, should you bother using social media?

I think it is important for every business owner to evaluate all online marketing options available to them and then make an educated decision about whether or not they will go ahead. Getting a return on investment in social media can be difficult so you need to be clear from the beginning what your goals and objectives are.

Check out this cool video created by Dollar Shave Club. Very simple, highly effective, and has dramatically changed their business.

Clever marketing  with social media is where the real power is at not just creating a Twitter account and Facebook fan page and getting followers and likes. Do just this an you will only be wasting your time!

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