Simple Decluttering Tips For Easy House Cleaning

Simple Decluttering Tips

Simple Decluttering Tips For Easy House Cleaning

Temporary or Permanent Solutions for Decluttering

Hello, I’m back with more ideas to help make your house cleaning easier and faster. The other lens is Five Fast and Easy House Cleaning Tips.

You have probably realized by now that the less you have lying around your house, the less you have to organize, pick up, dust, clean, etc.

If you haven’t thought about that or even if you have, if bears thinking about again and again especially while you are out shopping!

Before you bring even more things into your home, whether kitchen items, toys, even clothes or shoes, think about where you will put the item(s) and imagine yourself cleaning, dusting, straightening up around, under, on top of it, etc. Gives you the shudders, doesn’t it?

Well, there are a couple of areas where there are easy alternatives that don’t mean denying yourself those things you want. Think of these as temporary permanent solutions; temporary, because the solution involves having what you want only when you want it – temporarily, and permanent, because this can be one of your permanent solutions to avoiding the build-up of excess clutter in your home and life.

DVDs at Home: Rent, Don’t Buy!

One great way to avoid extra things around your house and still enjoy the latest stuff is to rent it. Let’s start with DVDs.

Simple Decluttering Tips for House Cleaning

Sign up for NetFlix or some other movie service and let them do the work of storing, organizing, and dusting those movies for you. You can get several DVDs at a time and you can keep them as long as you need to in case you can’t view the movie immediately, but, of course, it’s more fun to have a constantly rotating inventory.

Donate DVDs you don’t really need to keep on hand and keep the receipt for your taxes, or just feel good about helping someone out. You can donate DVDs to Operation Showtime or DVDs4Vets.

If you know there are a few movies you will want to watch over and over again and you just can’t plan ahead two days to order them, then keep a few DVDs, but only a few.

If you need help getting started with this project or any other decluttering project check out this excellent guide to fast decluttering.

Borrow Books – Donate Books

And speaking of libraries how about visiting one the next time you need a book to read, rather than buying another book that you have to pick up, organize, find shelf sp3ace for, dust, etc. You can’t read them all at once, anyway.

Simple decollate Tips

Now I understand perfectly the urge to keep a couple of hundred books around, I was raised by a librarian, after all, but how many books do you really want to have to find room for, organize, dust, and store?

So, donate books that you do not intend to read and re-read again and again.

One great group through which you can donate your books and DVDs, games, etc. is Books for Soldiers.

Gee, you can make your life easier and help someone else out at the same time. That’s a win-win solution! You can google “donate books” for other good causes that want your used books.

Another thought: your local animal shelter or library may use book sales to raise money and, if so, will be happy to take your donation. Give them a call to find out.

Gifts that Self-Destruct (in a Nice Way)

Time for another birthday or anniversary gift? Consider giving consumables or tickets for events, rather than things that people especially if they are living in your house will have to find room for, pick up, clean you get the idea.

Simple deluder Tips

Instead of a “thing” give a gift of an event and memorialize it in pictures, so that the recipient (an3d you) can relive it and revisit it. Make memories, not more clutter!

Cheer the local team at a sports event, go bowling, try pee wee golf it can really be a hoot or visit a water slide or theme park.

If you are interested in a more sedate outing go to a movie, visit a museum, take in a concert, and follow up your outing with dessert or a meal. After all, when was the last time you got dressed up and went out? And your good levis and a clean t-shirt don’t count as dressed up! A night out at the symphony333 or an opera gives you a great excuse to wear something really nice.

If you want to send a gift, consider a gift certificate for a movie, tickets to a sports event, or a concert; any of these will be a lot easier to send than an item you have to wrap, pack up, and take to the post office.

If you simply must give a “thing” how about a consumable such as gourmet food treats. Specialty coffees, candies, wine or micro-brewery beers, exotic or imported foods all make great gifts. Another great idea, especially for the ladies: scented lotions, creams, bath oils, etc.

Just remember to select items that will be used and not stored. Find the unusual, or a special item that your gift recipient is not likely to buy for himself or herself. In other words, get a treat! Just make sure it is a treat that will dissolve like cotton candy and leave nothing behind but a sweet memory.

Restrain/Retrain the Tool Fanatic in Your House

Rent Large Tools for Occasional Use

I love power tools! Take me to a hardware store and I’ll be happy for hours. But, large power tools can take up a lot of storage space, and though it feels really good to know you have them waiting for you in the shed or garage or Honey, have you seen the finishing nailer?

Well, anyway, it’s nice to know you have those power tools, just in case you need them, . . .if you can remember where you put them, . . . and when you last checked the wear on the cords, . . . and tuned them up, . . . or sharpened them, . . .or cleaned them . . . and if you didn’t lend them to your brother-in-law, who never returns anything . . . hmm.

So, you want to put in a new gate and replace a couple of posts for the fence. Before you run out to buy that two-man post hole digger (that you will only use once in ten years) check out your local rental center.

You may be able to rent everything from an airless paint sprayer or belt sander to a carpet cleaner or high pressure washer. You can find tile saws, easy rooters for unblocking drains and pipes, and, of course, that post hole digger.

So, if one of your trees loses a large branch in a storm, and you have to cut it up in order to dispose of it, don’t buy a chainsaw for that one-time use, rent one!

To Sum It All Up

Less is More

The less you have in a room, the less you have to dust, clean, and care for. The less you have in a room, the more freedom you have to move about, to relax, to be creative, to be free from stress, guilt, dust, mess, etc.

The “temporary-permanent” decluttering ideas I’ve suggested will allow you to enjoy the latest books and movies, while doing something nice for others.

By renting instead of buying you can have the use (and fun) of helpful and necessary power tools without having to do more than find temporary space for them. (And just maybe you’ll save a little money?)

By giving gifts that self-destruct, in a nice way, you can give thoughtful, really special, and much appreciated gifts that will actually be used and that won’t contribute to more clutter.

Now, if you want to do more to remove clutter from your home and life, but you need some expert and understanding advice, I highly recommend this excellent guide to fast decluttering.

So, go forth and declutter, donate to a worthy cause, and imagine what you’ll do with all that free time you used to spend fussing with your stuff.

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