Short List of Bow and Arrow Gear

Short List of Bow and Arrow Gear

Short List of Bow and Arrow Gear

This is a short list of bow and arrow gear.

The Bow: There are basically three types of bows. They are the recurve bow, long bow, and compound bow. They all come in a variety of styles, textures, and colors. Factors to consider are draw weight, draw length, bow weight, and bow length.

Arrows: Arrows need to be matched to the style of bow to be used. Factors to consider are arrow length, weight, stiffness, texture, fletching style, nocks, and inserts.

Release: Releases come in a variety of styles from finger tip gloves to mechanical. Releases can be chosen based on the hunters style of shooting and type of bow.

Arrow Rest: There are many types of arrow rest available. The rest should match the type of bow as well as the type of arrow used.

Bow Sight: The bow sight is used to aim an arrow at a target. Factors to consider are simplicity of use, quality, and durability.

Arrow Tips: Come in many styles from field points to broad heads. Factors to consider are weight, cutting diameter, blade styles such as stationary or mechanical.

Over draw: Used on compound bows to shorten arrow length. Many modern bows come equipped with the over draw installed.

Quiver: A device used to hold arrows. They can be worn on the belt or back and also be attached to the bow.

Bow Case: Used to protect the bow. They come in many styles such as cloth covers, heavy duty plastic, and metal.

Targets: Come in many shapes and styles. Some of them are 3-D targets, paper or cardboard, bag targets, flat foam, and the layered foam target.

Other Accessories: String silencers, arm guards, stabilizers, peeps, string stops, kisser buttons, cable guards, limb savers, etc.

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