Setting Up Your Own Mastermind Group

I have been doing marketing for several years and during my time as an internet marketer I have realized that there are some businesses in the same industry and location who scrape by, and there are others who do very well.

So my question is, what makes them different?

Due to my property management experience I do property management marketing for companies across NZ including the franchisee owners LJ Hooker, First National and Ray White.

One thing I have noticed is that each of my clients have excelled in different areas over the past few months and this is due to them belonging to a mastermind group. A group where they get to connect on a daily, weekly and monthly level (this is dependent on what we are doing).

So what do I suggest for you?

Set yourself up with some like-minded individuals. It does not need to be in the same industry but it can be advantageous to do so. Set up a schedule where you can connect once per week or fortnight on Skype to discuss new marketing strategies, business processes etc. This can be very powerful and having a group like this can help you grow your business that much quicker!

Stop listening and surrounding yourself with the WRONG people! 

At the same time don’t ask for advice from friends, family and colleagues who are not successful in business. Often you will ask for advice, but the answer you get may not be very qualified. I am very selective in who I listen to. Recently I sold an online forum for $5,000. When I told friends I was going to set it up they all said it wouldn’t work that it would fail. I don’t usually tell friends what I do on a day to day basis because they just do not understand the fundamentals to making money! This was a perfect example of this. If I had listened, I wouldn’t have gone ahead. However I did go ahead, set it up for less than a $1000 and sold it less than 6 months later for $5000. Now this isn’t a huge amount of money but I wanted to get out of it and the time was right. This is just one example of many I have witnessed over the years with regards to asking the wrong people for help/advice.

Where can you find people to join your Mastermind group?

Social sites like LinkedIn can be very good. Do a search for people in your industry. Also you can look to find the top people in your industry in other areas of the country. Email them or call them to see if they would be interested. Look to get people who are on the same wavelength as you, are passionate about business and wanting to get ahead!

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