How to Set Up Google Local Places

How to Set Up Google Local Places


Does your business have a Google Local Places Listing?

Do you even know what Google Local Places is?

This brief overview will tell you how to check for Google Local Places, and to see whether you have a verified business listing.

What are Google Local Places?

Google Local Places is where you have a map listing location which will show your business name, your address, phone number, any reviews that you have had on Google plus a few other details.

What 3 factors do Google use when displaying Google Local Places

  1. Relevance

How relevant is the search query to your Google Local Places. If it is relevant, then Google will display it if your places page has been set up correctly and is optimized.

  1. Prominence

How well optimized is your website and Google Local Places page? Google take a whole myriad of factors into account. To help increase your chances of having your Google Local Places page displayed, make sure you have filled in all the fields correctly including a description, categories, opening hours, address, photos and if you have any, videos.

  1. Location

How local are you to the search query? If you are a business in Lower Hutt and someone types in Web Design Wellington, you will probably find your local listing will not be displayed as Google will determine there are better suited local businesses in Wellington that would suit the searcher better. If a searcher does not use a location at the end of their search phrase, i.e. web design Google will just use the users IP address to determine businesses in their location.

 So how do you check if you have a Google Local Places page for your business? 

The easiest way to see if you have a Google Local Places page is to go to and type in several searches such as:

  • Business name
  • Business phone number
  • Business name and phone number
  • Keyword phrase search plus location
  • Business name and location

If this still does not return a Google Local Places for your business you will need to go set one up. Go to Follow the instructions and create yourself a Local Places page for your business.

Remember to fill in all the fields required to help the optimization of your Local Places page.

How to further enhance your Google Local Places page 

After you have verified your listing (you should receive a postcard from Google with a code after you submit your Local Places page) you can help optimize your listing buy doing the following:

  • Ensure that your listing is fully complete with images and videos if possible
  • Your website is well optimized and indexed in Google
  • Get Google reviews from your clients

Sign up to local directories (make sure you use the same business name, business address and phone number throughout)

What are some great directories to sign up to? 


Get yourself a Google Local Place today! 

Google Local Places is a free resource use this information to get yourself a Google Local places set up! Even without really good search engine optimization for your website, you can still rank highly in the search engines if you have a good local places page set up. If you need any help post a question below!

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