SEOmoz SEO Tools for Businesses

SEOmoz SEO Tools for Businesses

In the world of content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), it can be difficult to really understand what we need to do to stand out to Google and other search engines. We want to be found.  There are an abundance of companies who try to predict and solve Google’s algorithm, and therefore SEO is evolving constantly. What are some of the internet marketing tools that we can use to help us build a solid SEO foundation?

We realize that our clients and prospective customers are searching online for solutions to their problems, but we’re not always sure what we need to do in order to find out exactly what is being searched for, and the quantities of those searches.


SEOMoz is an industry leader in developing SEO software. Their tools and services are an excellent guide for companies who care about their digital footprint and want to learn exactly how strong their online presence is.

SEOmoz SEO Tools

Let’s take a look at a few of their tools that could help your marketing department’s approach to SEO.

SEOMoz Bar

This is probably the easiest tool to implement and understand. It’s really a one-stop-shop for getting information like advanced web metrics, website information, and access to top tools. You’ll get a quick glance at metrics like page and domain authority, link counts and linking domains on the websites you visit. It’s a great gauge to understanding your website information, but also the sites you might be thinking of publishing content on, and for researching your competitor sites.

Open Site Explorer

Offsite SEO accounts for 60% 70% of search ranking factors. You need to understand and analyze the context of the sites with links driving traffic to you. This tool will give you an insight into links that are pointing back to your site. You can type in any URL to see the results, so typing in a competitor’s site can give you detailed information. You’ll find information like:

  • Inbound links
  • Top pages
  • Linking Domains
  • Anchor Text that’s pointing to your site

With a Pro account, you can get insights into Facebook shares, likes and tweets from Twitter as well as other detailed information.

Rank Tracker

Wish you could easily keep tracking of your search engine rankings for keywords you’re targeting? This SEOMoz tool allows you to do just that. Keep track of keywords and where they are ranking in search engines such as Google. With a SEOMoz Pro account, you can be notified when changes in your keyword or page rank happens. While this tool is great, my personal preference is Market Samurai.

These are only a sample of the robust tools SEOMoz has to offer. There are obviously other companies out there who develop SEO software, but it is widely believed that SEOMoz is the best. We highly recommend you check them out and see what other free tools and offers SEOMoz has to offer. If you subscribe to their mailing list, they also offer you a few extra bonuses and incentives.

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