SEO NZ Return on Investment

SEO NZ Return on Investment

Search engine optimization SEO NZ is often a very misunderstood topic when it comes to business owners understanding how having a good rank in Google for buyer keywords can have a massive increase on your bottom dollar.

One of our clients has owned their own property management company for 2.5 years (since the end of 2008). Between December 2008 and August 2010 they had zero business via search engines. All their business over those 18 months was from referrals. Referrals are great because people are referring your business to their friends, and therefore the conversions are high due to the recommendation.

The only downside with solely relying on referrals or repeat business is that there will often be times when the referrals stop. During these times there may be spare resources meaning you are operating under capacity. If your offline marketing and referrals are enough for your business to operate, then you are in a nice place, although the majority of businesses do have room to take more business on, and also, if they are busy, they want to expand to accommodate the extra business.

In August 2010 I approached my client and asked if they would like more business. Businesses will look at marketing as being an expense. I agree with this if it is traditional marketing such as hard cover yellow pages advertising. If it is online marketing in the way of email list building, search engine optimization to get better ranks in search engines, or social media training, I class it as an investment. The reason for this is that by optimizing your website for better rankings in search engines, even when you stop paying the person who does it for you, your ranks will stay (at least until your competition start optimizing their sites which means they could knock you down or off the first page). Also, if you learn how to use social media for your business, you gain that knowledge. With traditional marketing, once that ad has been displayed in your local newspaper, that is the end of it, and you will be very lucky if you hear from someone in several months time because they kept the newspaper advert!

How I increased my client’s revenue by $27,000 per annum after 8 months

Between August 2010 and April 2011 my client who owns a property management company had an extra 18 properties join their rent roll via their website. These were tracked as coming from the search engine Google for various keywords related to their business and local area. At an average of $1500 per property in revenue per year, it means they will have an increase of $27,000. Our services were costing $800 per month to do their optimization and increase their rankings in Google.

The beauty of the whole deal

Even if my client got our company to stop working for them, they would continue (for the short term anyway) to hold their rankings in Google. They also get $27,000 coming in each and every year for those properties for as long as their client’s keep their properties in the property management company. TIP – recurring income businesses is a PERFECT business model for search engine optimization.

Here is what my client had to say

‘When we first bought our business, we had absolutely no idea how search engines like Google worked. We thought you paid Google to get listed on the first page. Once I found out what search engine optimization was I still didn’t think it was for us for two reasons. Firstly, all our business had been referrals up until that point, and we were happy getting these. Secondly, I didn’t see the point in competing with the businesses that were on the first page as most of them are multimillion dollar companies.

What I liked about getting our website optimized, was that it was very transparent. We could see what our rankings were at the start of the month, how many backlinks we had, and what traffic we were getting. We were then able to compare these results with the data at the end of the month. During the first 3 months, while we didn’t get much business, we were seeing traffic numbers slightly increasing and ranks improving, so we knew we were on the right path.

In the 5 months from December onwards, we were getting around three properties a month from Google to manage. This may not sound like much, but we still weren’t even at the top of the first page. Three properties per month was giving us a massive return on our investment, and it has also opened our eyes up to the fact that there are actually people out there, online, looking for our services.

I am now in a position where my business is doing really well, and I can call the shots regarding whether or not I want to take on more business. If you don’t understand what search engine optimization can do for your business – find out today.’

Jennie – Rental Managers

Will this work for your business?

I believe that there is a market for everything we do in our lives online. If people are buying it, then there is a market. It is true that some businesses will do better marketing themselves offline such as networking events, or even traditional marketing such as newspaper advertising. But for the majority, there will be a big enough market online for you to increase your business profile and ultimately increase your revenue. With search engine optimization SEO NZ, you need to ensure you stick at it for three months minimum as you will not see the results otherwise. The process can be slow, but the rewards can be impressive!

At the end of the day, search engine optimization is only a tool that you use to drive traffic to your website. I am a firm believer in utilizing many different tools both online and offline to drive your business forward. Build lists, get active in social media, improve your rankings with SEO, utilize pay per click, blog, go to networking events, ask clients to refer you….the list goes on. Never rely solely on one growth mechanism. Utilize them all and you get yourself in a position like that of our client!

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