Is SEO Dead or Alive?

Is SEO Dead or Alive?

In 2012 we have seen more movements and changes in the search engine optimization industry then we have in the past three years. These changes have had massive impacts on websites all around the world, and even innocent businesses who are doing strategies to promote their business through the search engines that are classed as White Hat techniques have also at some stage been penalized. It’s now come to the point where business owners are asking whether they should be investing money on a month-to-month basis to improve their rankings online when changes are happening so quickly that tomorrow their website can be removed from the search engines.

In order for us to answer whether search engine optimization is still alive or dead, we need to understand that changes that come out in the Google algorithm are always going to affect websites where they are trying to promote their website using promotional back linking strategies. For example, let’s say you put a lot of emphasis on article writing and you distribute those articles to 10 to 15 different networks every month. If those ten to fifteen networks become spammy, and Google do not like them, they can remove any link juice that those networks were providing, and if that was where your web site was getting all of its link juice from then your web site will drop from the rankings because essentially all that work will not matter anymore.
Here are my thoughts with regards to search engine optimization and whether it’s alive or dead I strongly recommend that business owners implement a search engine optimization strategy. I highly recommend that they use a SEO company that uses strategies that are going to be around for a long time, i.e., not doing dodgy strategies that are going to get your website de-indexed or dropped in rank heavily because some penalty gets imposed on your site.

There are some great ways for promoting your website which are clean but they just take longer. This is why you should never sign up with a company that says they can get you to the top of page one of Google within three months. Because if they say this, then they are going to start implementing strategies that may get you quick results but as soon as the Google algorithm changes then your web site can get heavily penalized or drop in rank if the one thing they were doing becomes struck off. If you ensure that the strategies you are implementing in the company that you are hiring is good at what they do then even if your website does get affected by an update, it’s only going to be a short-term reversal. Therefore, it is important that you look at search engine optimization as a long-term strategy that is going to get you results, not as a short term strategy.

Anything less than twelve months and you may get the rankings, but you’re not going to get long-term benefits. What you can also do is (as well as having a search engine optimization strategy) you can implement a pay-per-click strategy. We will talk about pay-per-click in a different article, but essentially these are the paid ads that you see at the top of Google that people can click on. This way, even if your website does get dropped from the Google search engines for whatever reason, you can still have all your ads sitting there so that people can still see you on the first page. This is called pay-per-click AdWords.

Do we think that search engine optimization is dead? No, we feel very much that it is still alive and that you can still benefit from having a search engine optimization strategy. We receive business every single month through the search engines by being ranked for keywords related to our business. We know it works and it will work for the majority of companies out there. Just make sure if you are doing search engine optimization yourself that you’re not using techniques or strategies from two or three years ago because the game has changed dramatically since then and you want to be utilizing what is working now.

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