Secrets of Living Life with a TeenAge Girl

Secrets of Living Life with a TeenAge Girl

Parenting a Teen is a Challenge

Do you live with a teenage girl? Well, I live with two teenage daughters, and to save my sanity, I have learned some parenting tips to deal with the changes that all teen girls go through.

Living with a teenager girl is like living with Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde. You never quite know which person you are talking to. One day they are polite, helpful, and surprisingly mature, and the next they are moody, bored, and rebellious. And that is only the beginning. So read on, laugh a little, and become a part of the teenage behavior survivors club.


What to Do To Survive With A Teenage Daughter

How to Attempt to Keep Your Sanity

  1. Ignore the moods–they really have nothing to do with you personally. She is just being a teenager (morphing into an alien). Really.
  2. Speak to your daughter as if she is a rational being. There is one hidden under the hormones.
  3. Hug and kiss her even when she pulls away. She secretly wants to hugged even if it is not cool.
  4. Don’t try to be perfect. You are much more believable when you aren’t. Then she won’t feel like such a failure if she makes a mistake. And being imperfect is so much easier.
  5. It’s okay to get angry, and disappointed, but stay in control. She is learning from what you do. If you have to, walk away, then come back when you are in control.
  6. Tell your daughter stories of what goofy things you did as a teenager. You did some pretty dumb things, right?
  7. Find ways to laugh. When you laugh together, it brings you closer.
  8. Get to know her friends. Looks are not everything.
  9. Choose your battles. Remember you can always cut off the purple hair while they are sleeping.
  10. Make them stick to the rules. Having the rules really makes their lives easier. It’s not having rules that confuses them.
  11. You don’t have to be your daughter’s best friend. Let her pick a best friend from her peers. She needs you as a parent more.
  12. Say no. Again, and again, and again. No should mean no.
  13. Give your daughter privacy, but let her know that privacy is a privilege.
  14. Don’t forget in all the craziness to tell her you love her. Girls have it tough. She needs to know.


Mothers Are Crucial

You are a role model.

No matter what your daughter tells you, mothers are crucial.

Teenage daughters learn from their mothers how to be a woman, and how to act in the world as a woman. No matter what they tell you, they really are paying attention to everything that you do.

Have you set firm rules for your daughter? How else is she supposed to get out of things she doesn’t really want to do with her peers?

What kind of example are you setting? Are you confident in yourself so she will learn to be?

Being a teenage girl in today’s world is a lot more difficult than it was when you were a teen–and that was no picnic.

Being a woman is also very confusing. You, as your daughter’s role model, are very influential–even when you think they are not listening.

Teens Eat a Lot But They Are Very Picky

Healthy teens are easier to live with

Have you ever really thought about how teenagers eat? We know that they are always hungry. At least it seems that way in my house, but what exactly are they eating and is it fuel for their bodies and minds?

Teens burn off a lot of energy through growth, but they need to learn to eat in a healthy manner to start their adulthood strong.

It is often tough to control what they eat, but you can help by having healthy snacks in the house, and teaching them quick and easy recipes that they can made for themselves.

I recently taught my daughter how to make an easy quesadilla by just melting shredded cheese inside a flour tortilla. The same daughter asks me to buy bags of ready to mix salads in the grocery store so that she can have them as snacks.

With so many health food grocery stores these days, there are more and more convenient and easy ways to eat healthy snacks and meals. Help your teens grow up eating healthy foods as a matter of course, instead of forcing themselves to because they know it is good for them. Healthy teens are much happier teens.


Real Pressures Teen Face

Being a teenager has always been a tough age. The tug of war between childhood and adulthood mixed in with changing hormones and peer pressure has been in the mix for generations. Nowadays, however, teenagers face more and more dangers that even their parents never even heard of.

HIV is alive and well, and safe sex practices are not just to avoid pregnancies anymore.

We hear about teen shootings in schools every few months. We had one here in Cleveland, just a few months ago, and I happened to know a teacher in the school.

Drugs are prevalent in all levels of society. Although we don’t hear about it quite as much as when I was a teen, the danger is still quite current.

And for girls there are added pressures.

Self-confidence is extremely vulnerable in teenage girls. Many girls who are confident in elementary school become less so as they become teens.

Self-confidence is very important in teenage decision making. They are already fighting peer pressure constantly. It is critical to help them like themselves as people.

Girls face body image issues constantly. From magazines, TV, movies, and online, they are bombarded with inappropriate images to aspire to, including unachievable body images, inappropriate behavior, and negative role models.

One minute they are watching a show on a Nickelodeon or Disney channel, and the next they hear that their favorite star is pregnant or featured online in compromising photos.

Parents need to know even more now, than they did in the past, what their children are doing, who they are doing it with, what they are watching on TV or online, and who they are corresponding with.

It is our job to teach our children that people are not always who they say they are, and how to be responsible adults.

And then we need to trust them until they prove us otherwise.

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