Safe Flameless Candles For Your Home

Safe Flameless Candles For Your Home

Flameless Candles add Beauty Without The Risk!

So many people love candles but they don’t like the risk of fire, messy dripping wax or have candles around their kids or pets. Flameless Candles are the perfect alternative and will add beauty to any area of your home. These candles are perfect if you have kids or pets and make great gifts for friends and family.

The purpose of this article is to give you information about these candles, find different styles that are available for everyday or seasonal occasions and I have added lots of products so you can shop.

What are Flameless Candles?

Flameless Candles use LED bulbs that make the flicker of a natural candle without any flame, heat or fire. They are perfectly safe for dorms, the office, retirement communities, receptions, churches, schools, anywhere you normally couldn’t use candles!

The LED Bulbs lasts 100,000 hours, making these eco friendly candles long lasting! They use batteries which are replaceable, there are rechargeable and electric candles as well.

There are Scented PIllars, Tea Lights, Tapers, Jar Candles, Votive Sets, Novelty and Holiday candles available, all with the same safe LED’s.

Scented PIllar Candles

PIllars are a very popular way to decorate your home. You can use them anywhere and scented candles are even better!

Flameless Pillars are made of real wax and the scent is incorporated in the wax so it is long lasting. Pillars come in different sizes and there are scents for any season or occasion. Popular scents include Vanilla, Lavender, Spiced Pear, Ocean and Pomegranate, just to name a few.

Scented Pillars from Mark Feldstein

These candles are very well constructed and have a very nice scent to them.
If you are looking for a good flameless candle but don’t want to pay a lot for it,
this is the candle for you.

Scented Flameless Pillar from Enjoy Lighting

These have 2 lighting modes, dim and bright and come in a distressed style. Very nicely scented too.

Flameless Pillars from Candle Impressions

These candles are well constructed and even have a burnt wick in the center to make it seem as if you burn it.
These are more expensive than the others, but if you are looking a quality candle, these are the ones for you!

Votives and Tea Lights

Another way to decorate is with votives and battery operated tea lights. You can buy tea lights by themselves to place in votives you already have or you can buy votive sets. They are made of glass, come in different colors and include tea lights. Batteries are included and easy to replace.

The great thing about these sets is you can use them indoors on a mantle or table or outside to decorate a pond or walkway, deck or patio area.

Bulk Flameless Candles

If you are havinga wedding, church service, memorial or another large event, then check out
these bulk flameless candle items.

Decorating your Wedding with Flameless Candles

Weddings are the perfect place to create a warm atmosphere with candles. But most places where events like this take place do not allow candles. Flameless Candles are a safe alternative, there is no mess, no dripping wax and no risk of fire! They flicker like a real one so your guests will not know the difference(unless you tell them). Here are some of the products you can use to create a beautiful and intimate setting for your big day!

Battery operated tea lights are so versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. They can go in paper bags to light up a walkway or backyard, they can be used in centerpieces or accents at the Wedding Reception as well. Wrap them in full or lace and give them away as favors to your guests. The possibilities are endless!

Scented Pillars come in a variety of colors, so they can go with just about any color scheme. The fragrance would be a wonderful treat for your guests as they arrive. You can also use them at the reception by placing them on the Sign In Table, Gift Table or the Head Table and Guests Tables. There are scents for all seasons too!

TIP: Make sure you have the candles out an hour or two before the ceremony, it will give the candles time to “breathe”.

TIP: If you want something elegant, get 6″ Vanilla Pillars and put a black ribbon around them, criss-cross the ends and place a small charm or sentiment on them. They can be placed anywhere in the church or reception hall.

Need Wedding Decorations on the cheap? Buy Votive sets, it is a very cost-effective way to decorate and they will make quite an impression! You can even give them out as party favors.

Floating LED Roses and Lillies

Want to add some flair to a Wedding, Outdoor party or event? These items make a great impression.

Other Flameless Candles


If you like setting your table with candles, then these real wax Taper Candles would be perfect! They come with a brass base but you can put them in another candleholder if you wish.

This set also has clear suction cups to decorate your windows for Halloween and Christmas.

If you are looking for safe candles for a kid’s room, they will love these cute 2″ Hershey Flameless Candles. Each candle is scented like the candy! Most kids use them as a nightlight and you don’t have to worry about the flame!

Holiday Candles

Holiday decorating is always popular and there are Flameless Candles for both Fall and Christmas.

Fall Scented Pillars will make your home smell so wonderful for the season! They are perfect for your Thanksgiving table or adding them to any Fall decorations. Scent available is Spiced Pear, Harvest Spice and Apple Cider all in Fall colors too!

Christmas decorating always includes candles, either Tapers at the Windows or table, Votives on the mantle, or Novelty Candles that create a fun atmosphere. Kids and adults alike will love it!

Valentine’s Day is a great time to use these safe candles to create a romantic atmosphere. Check out all the great candles below.

Fall Scented Candles

Real Wax, Fall scented candle. Makes a perfect addition to any Fall decorating.

Flameless Candles for Valentine’s Day

Add beauty to a romantic evening with these safe alternatives to real candles.

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