Running Accessories: What Are The Most Important Gear?

Running Accessories: What Are The Most Important Gear?

Although running accessories are not exigent for running, it can however make your running more enjoyable and comfortable.  If you want to run, you can do so basically with a pair of running shoes and appropriate outfit; and off you go.  However, these are just the basics in running accessories to fully maximize your running experience.

What are the most important gear?

With the advent of technology, there are several gadgets and devices which make your running experience something to look forward to.  Moreover, with the aid of these gadgets, you can even make your running performance much better than before. Let us find out what these accessories are and what are its impact and benefits to the runner.

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Naturally, shoes come top of the list. Picking the best running shoes to accompany you in your runs is highly recommended to prevent injury such as chaffing, blisters  and other muscle or bone injuries. The wrong choice could lead to long lasting bone injuries that will deter the runner from ever engaging in sports again. With the advent of barefoot shoes, runners are given the chance to wear the most appropriate shoes for the type of feet they have.

You only have to determine what type of feet you have and find the most appropriate minimalist shoes in the market, which caters to such type of feet and you are ready to go running. You can select from a wide variety of minimalist shoes from various manufacturers such as New Balance, Asics, Vibram, Nike, Vivo Barefoot, Saucony and the likes.


If you want to prevent blisters, chaffing and unnecessary foot pain, you need more than ordinary socks for running.  Running socks and work socks are not the same. What you need as one of your running accessories is a sock that wicks away moisture away from your feet to keep it dry and cool even after a long distance run. There are several anti-sweat socks which are suitable for wear when you are opting for minimalist shoes. You can try injinji socks for that comfortable and sweat-free run.

Shorts / skirts

One of the most important yet often taken for granted running accessories is the lower apparel, shorts for men and short or skirt for women. Some people find it more comfortable to wear special leggings for running which are made from anti-moisture fabrics and some spandex for that comfortable fit. Inappropriate selection of your lower outfit can lead to chaffing which will slow a runner down and might lead to other serious injuries.

It is important that such lower outfit will not hamper the movement of the legs as it takes every running step. It should allow ventilation so as not to feel sweaty and hot down there that would surely impede your optimal running performance. Women might want to try Adidas running shorts, Adidas supernova fitted shorts or Adidas knit baggy running shorts. Brooks’ epiphany running skirt is also a nice option for women runners.


Running wearing only ordinary shirts will get you all sweaty and hot, which do not help optimize your performance at all. If you want to improve your performance while feeling dry and cool, go for technical shirts that are made from fabrics like coolmax, which allows transfer of moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the shirt, where the moisture evaporates more easily.

One of the best running accessories is a shirt that has a much longer back to prevent it from running high when running. A well-placed vents and anti-microbial fabric will ensure that you have added ventilation for that much cooler run.  Women might want that shirt which offers protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

It would also be nice to have a zippered pocket where you can keep your keys, some change or identification card. For those who tend to sweat profusely a short sleeve sweat-proof shirt is the best choice. You might want to peruse the display of the New Balance Women’s 2.0 Tempo Tee and the New Balance Women’s 2.0 Tempo Tank at which are both top choices of women buyers.

Watch / heart rate monitor

Serious runners who want to improve their running performance include a watch in their running accessories. GPS-enabled running watch is the best choice, since it provides features that enable you to pinpoint your location, measure your distance, pace, monitor your heart rate as well as the calories you burn. This type of watch also allows you to determine how far and how fast you are on each run. This kind of technology enables you to monitor how you fare on each run and ascertain what areas you need to improve for a better performance.

Water bottles or hydration packs

For short distance runners, carrying water while on the run may not be necessary. However, if you are planning to run long distance, you need to bring some water with you to keep you hydrated. You can opt for water bottles or for hydration packs, whichever will suit you best. It is never good practice to do   without water for if you want to optimize your running performance, you must be well hydrated.

Water should form part of your running accessories, especially when you are on long distance running.  If you are just running short distance, you would do well with the High Sierra wave 50 Hydration Pack. With its insulated pack which prevents your water from freezing or becoming too warm, you will be assured of a refreshing drink with its 1.5 liter capacity and several pockets for your personal items.


This would not always be necessary but to be on the safe side in case some accidents will happen, it is better to keep an identification card on you especially in you run long distance in some areas where you are not a local.

Reflective vest

The neon colored reflective vest is necessary for inclusion to your running accessories when you are running at night, at dusk or early dawn. Vest such as the Nathan Streak Reflective vest is a good choice since it will keep you visible even in dim lights. You can find several designs and colors at You might want to try the Nathan streak running reflective vest, the fuel belt high visibility running vest or the Nathan twilight reflective vest.

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