Fun Room Cleaning Games for Kids

Fun Room Cleaning Games for Kids

How do I get my children to clean their room? I make it fun with room cleaning games for kids to play! There are a few easy ways that you can motivate your children to clean. You can play games, you can sing songs, and you can give rewards.

Get Kids to Clean with Fun Games!

Not every method works with every child though. You will find that some children respond well to rewards, while others have to understand the reasoning behind what you are asking them to do. Still others just prefer to have fun. I have at least one of each of those types!

Cleaning Games for Kids

In this article, we’re going to talk about the games that have worked for me, as well as some other ways to motivate your children to clean without having to resort to screaming at them.​

Top Room Cleaning Games for Kids are

Cleaning Set

Cleaning Games

Evriholder Slipper

Games Cleaning for Kids

Start ’em Young Or Retrain Them

The best way to train children to clean their rooms is to start them young. As soon as they can walk and pick up a toy, they can learn to put it away. If they learn at that age that toys get put away before new ones come out, it’s much easier for them to keep putting them away when they are older.

Just make sure you are keeping the task of putting away their toys happy and light. If you are angry or bitter about doing it, they will see it as something to be angry and bitter about as well. One way to make it fun at that age is to sing a song while you clean up.

But what if they are already older? Then you have a more challenging task ahead of you. You’re going to want to figure out what motivates them.

For our Children, we’ve Discovered a Few Different Motivating Factors

  • Rewards – Our oldest son in particular is very motivated by external rewards. If he knows he’ll get something for his actions, he is more likely to do them.
  • Reasoning – Our daughter is a reasoner. It frustrated me for a while trying to figure out how to get her to do something before I understood that she needed to know and internalize the reason why she should do it. This was harder to get her started on a cleaning her room. However, once she saw the value in doing it – she could have friends over, she could find what she was looking for – she started doing it on her own.
  • Fun – Our third son just wants to have fun. He’s four, and he won’t do something unless he considers it to be “fun”. That’s where the games come in…

Play Some Room Cleaning Games

Now we’re to the good part. The games! There are several fun games that you can play with your child. Just choose the ones you think will best appeal to them!

  • Basketball – Boys like this one! Get a little toy basketball hoop and put it over the clothes basket. The kids can practice their free throws while picking up clothes.
  • Play music – Some kids just like to jam. Play some fun music and dance while you pick up.
  • Hide money – Kids who are motivated by money really like this. Tell them you hid a certain amount of money throughout their room. Whatever they find while they are cleaning they get to keep.
  • Have a race – Competitive kids enjoy this one. See who can pick up the most toys in a time limit.

Make It Easier on the Kids

Cleaning shouldn’t be hard. When kids see a giant mess, it can be overwhelming and they don’t know how to start. A good way to get them to clean is to make it easier on them by either not letting it get that messy, or not having as much stuff.

We use a combination of these two methods. A while back, I went through and threw away all the broken toys. I then took the not so played with toys and boxed them up. Those then get rotated in with the other toys after about a month or so. If they still don’t play with them when they come back out, those toys get to go to Goodwill.

The other half of this equation is making sure that their rooms get picked up often. We try to have them pick up what they played with when they are done with it, but if that doesn’t happen, we do a pick up at the end of the day. That way, the mess doesn’t build over a period of several days.​

Make Cleaning Fun with Fun Accessories

One way you can make cleaning fun for kids is by adding some fun accessories. These items are all proven to be a lot of fun, both for little and big kids!

Cleaning Set

Start them young! This set of cleaning toys help children pretend to be like mommy or daddy. And if you make cleaning fun at this age, it’s a lot easier to get them to pick up their rooms when they areolder.

Cleaning Games

Evriholder Slipper Genie for Kids, Animal

Have a hard floor in their rooms? These room cleaning slippers are fun to wear and use. Kids love skating around in them, and the floor gets dusted at the same time!

Games Cleaning for Kids

Final Note

How Do You Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms? Leave your tips below!

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