The Real World – Expectation vs Reality

The Real World - Expectation vs Reality

The Real World – Expectation vs Reality

I wrote about my re-entry into the real world. I said it starts with buying a car. I have been living car free and braving the elements on my commutes on either a bicycle or a 125 cc motorcycle. In most people’s opinion, considering the size and nature (lack) of urban planning in Jacksonville, that is not realistic. I agree.

The Space of Common Reality

Please be tolerant of my mathematics terminology.

The real world is actually a very subjective composition of places, things and ideas that exist as a subset of the general set of reality. We will call this subset “common reality” to avoid confusion. I have not been living in it. My world lies outside this subset, residing more in the greater set of reality. This greater set of reality is not an easy place. In order to live in this greater set, it takes a fair amount of computing to fight numerous constraints that define the space of common reality. External constraints like traditions, religious views, cultural and general upbringing (a priori) etc also define the space of common reality.

What’s in this Space?

Rules and reason reside in this space. Rules like the duties of people, the right time to start a family, the right house to buy, the dress code, the living room set, cable tv, one car per adult are just some of the things addressed in this space. These rules change with location. The more diverse the location, the more different the rules. Rules were created by society to fight biology and improve the welfare of the human race. I don’t think they were every supposed to be stagnant.

Why Challenge Rules?

Vicissitude is evident. Rules should change with it. What is the purpose of a collar any more? Why should everyone need to own a car? A culture of abundance is going to fail because the earth is limited in supplies and abundance will not last. I challenged the rules to fight the culture of abundance and improve my welfare. In each step of the fight, I found constraints. Lots of constraints.

The Equation of Life

Life is like an equation of constraints. We can try to find an optimal solution by maximising or minimising the outcome. The sheer volume of variables in life keep the process of finding a solution lengthy. Each constraint renders a solution. That is how I started riding a bicycle, sold my expensive car, moved to another part of town (increased commute), bought a motorcycle, discovered the effects of cross winds on a light motorcycle, decide to purchase a decade old car. Each decision was the solution to a constraint. Each eliminated constraint brings me closer to that optimal solution while generating newer constraints.

The solution to life is a lot easier for an equation with less constraints. It reminds me of monks and sadhus. It points towards minimalism.

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