A Quick Glance At the Major Causes of Acne

A Quick Glance At the Major Causes of Acne

Find Out What Causes Acne

If you are the victim of acne and you want to get rid of the acne problem, make sure you know what causes acne on your face. It’s because you can fight acne only if you know about the major causes of it on your face. A lot has been said about the causes of acne, but still, it is not fully known what actually causes acne. A common opinion about acne is that it is partly hereditary. There are several factors that are said to be closely linked to acne problems in different individuals. Here’s a quick glance at these factors that cause the acne breakout.

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1: Stress

Stress is not only bad for your mental health but also it has negative effects on your internal health. If you are under too much stress, your body will produce a high amount of stress hormone that will disturb the balance of your internal body. A number of changes occur in your body as a result of this increased production of stress hormones. These changes include hypertension or high blood pressure, severe acne breakout, weight gain or weight loss etc. You should reduce stress by indulging yourself in healthy physical and mental activities.

2: Hormonal Imbalance or Abnormal Hormone Activity

Hormones play very importantly in the maintenance of your good health. You are healthy from inside if your hormones are working properly. Any change in hormone secretion inside of your body has its impact on your overall health. If you are having trouble with your menstrual hormones, it will reflect on your face in the form of acne.

3: Hyperactivity of Sebaceous Glands

Hyperactive sebaceous or hyperactivity of sebaceous glands will be reflected on your face in the form of severe acne. Sebaceous glands are actually the oil-producing glands that are found close to the hair follicles on your skin. Overactive sebaceous glands usually affect people of ages between 13 and 20.

4: Dead Skin Cells Accumulation

It is another reason why acne appears on your face. You should regularly exfoliate your skin to remove all the dead skin cells from your skin.

5: Bacteria

Another major cause of acne breakout is the presence of bacteria in the pores of your skin. Your body becomes allergic to these acne causing bacteria. Take precaution and gently clean your skin on regular basis to prevent the growth of bacteria.

6: Scratching or Skin Itching

Another factor that triggers pimples is scratching or skin itching that causes inflammation on your skin. You should avoid scratching your skin and don’t touch your skin unnecessarily. Make sure you are using a good quality moisturizer to keep your skin moist. Drinking plenty of water is the best remedy to avoid dry skin that can cause itchiness.

7: Exposure to Chlorine Compounds

If you have been exposed to high levels of chlorine compounds, you are going to have the life-long acne problem. This particular condition is called Chloracne.

8: Use of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are associated with acne outbreak. These steroids have a variety of androgenic side effects. If you have to use these steroids, you have to take these steroids with precaution.

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