Quench Your Thirst On The Run With Running Hydration Packs

Quench Your Thirst On The Run With Running Hydration Packs

Running hydration packs ensure that you will not dehydrate during your run. It is crucial to stay hydrated when you are running since it will affect your performance as well as prevent heat-induced illnesses. These illnesses may include headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, heatstroke and uncoordinated body movements. Other illness related to heat and dehydration such as heatstroke and heat exhaustion can lead to more serious outcome. It is crucial that a runner has to check how much and what he is drinking before, during and after exercise. Running hydration packs allow you to measure how much is your water intake.

How much you should drink?

There is no uniform recommended amount of water for all runners to drink since each runner’s need varies from one runner to another. However, experts recommend that to prevent under hydrating yourself you should drink yourself to thirst. This means that you should drink when you are thirsty. Under hydrating is a condition, which can lead to dehydration while over hydrating, can lead to hyponatremia, in which there is low blood salt count due to too much fluid retention.

How fast you run and how much distance you cover in relation to your overall sweat rate also affects your fluid requirements. Experts say that a runner with a normal pace needs to drink 4 to 6 ounces of fluids for every 20 minutes of running. While for a runner, who runs 8 minutes per mile should drink about 6 to 8 ounces every 20 minutes. For longer running time, runners are advises to carry energy drink aside from the running hydration packs they carry. The sports drinks will restore electrolytes and sodium lost through perspiration.

How to ensure that you get adequate fluid?

You do not want to hamper your running with unnecessary belts and gadgets, if you want to make good in your performance. However, if you do not want the hassle of stopping at water stations for hydrating yourself, you need to carry your own fluid to ensure that you get your fluid intake. Either you can opt to carry water bottles or one of the hydration packs in the market for this.

If you are running a race, you can do away with your water belts or hydration packs since there would surely be water stops for the runners. However, if you are just working out, chances are there would be no water stations at your chosen running area. Hence, you really need to carry your own running hydration packs to hydrate yourself.

Why opt for hydration pack over water bottles?

If you want to have a hassle-free yet hydrating run, you need hydration packs more than water bottles. You can do away with slowing or stopping to reach for your water bottle to get a sip, if you opt for hydration packs. Since, water is within easy reach and if you can make the sip tube stay in place, you can get your sip without effort and without even slowing down in your running.

How to choose your rehydration pack?

Choosing your hydration pack should depend on the kind of activity you will engage in. If you were a trail runner, you would want to choose a minimalist or waist hydration pack, which can carry up to one liter of fluid. Back packers and climbers would probably want to opt for packs that can carry 2 to 3 liters of fluid while mountain bikers will probably opt for large pack with 2 to 3 liters reservoir and some cargo capacity.

Features of the best hydration packs

If you want to optimize your running, you do not want to hamper it with hydration packs that slide down your arms or bounce back at your back. You need to choose a pack with a good fit and with durable sip tubes and valves to ensure that they stay in place, even at your most arduous run. You also need to consider the body frame of the runner when selecting the best running hydration packs to carry.

You also need to look into the kind of bite valves that the packs have. Usually, you only need to apply moderate tooth pressure to get the water flowing. Since most people tend to bite too hard, these valves wear down easily. Experts say that bit valves with on/off switch will ensure that there would be no leakage. You need to consider the pack with a clip to ensure that the sip tube is always in place, to effortlessly sip water while running.

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