QR Codes How Can I Promote My Irish Business with Them?

QR Codes How Can I Promote My Irish Business with Them?


Also known as Quick Response codes or website barcodes, are two-dimensional black and white codes that look like little squares with a design in them. In actuality, you can use your Smartphone to automatically scan them and be directed to websites, text, videos and music. They are mobile-friendly ways to get people to visit various online resources. With QR codes you make the connection between an offline code and an online resource of your choice.

QR codes have been extremely popular in Japan for the past few years, but they are catching on in the rest of the world now. As a result, the business potential of using these codes is immense, and with each passing month, they are becoming more readily available and are popping up on business cards and other business promotional items everywhere.


Google and QR Codes

If you do a Google search on QR codes, you’ll find a lot of businesses are already embracing the technology using the codes to point to their website, purchase items and produce instant coupon discounts all from holding up a smart phone and the person scanning the code.

A lot of airlines are now sending these QR codes to your mobile phone as a boarding card. You arrive to board your plane, show the code on your phone where it is scanned by an airline official, and you proceed to your flight. Estate agents are also embracing these codes in a big way. You may have seen one of these codes next to a property listing, or on the estate agents board outside a property. When you scan the quick response code you are taken directly to a mobile-enabled version of the webpage where you can see the property listing in more detail.

Why use QR codes? Well, think about it. You can put your name, address and phone number in the QR codes. However, more importantly, you can use the code to get people to your website just by scanning the QR codes from your business card or other promotional materials. If you’ve set your regular website up with a mobile version, and you’re selling products or services or just introducing yourself (via a virtual business card), it makes it super easy and you reach your audience instantly.

You can find an infinite number of ways to use QR codes to promote your business. Put them up in shop front windows so that people passing by can scan your code and go to your website, see a special offer or coupon, or get your contact information. Google Places pages, for instance, are including them and are sending out QR code window decals to the top local businesses in Google Place Pages. You can use these codes to point scanners to your Yelp review page, invite customers to share their experience with your business.

Use QR codes on your business cards, in your media kits, press releases and all of your promotional materials. One thing is for sure, you will be seeing a lot more of these odd little codes in the very near future.

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