Prince Of Thieves – Best Medieval Universe Ever

Prince Of Thieves – Best Medieval Universe Ever

5 reason why “Robin Hood Prince of thieves ” has the best medieval universe ever

I could call it one of my guilty pleasures, but the 1991 version of the Robin Hood story was one of my favorites movies of all time. Maybe it’s because this is the first movie I remember seeing as a kid and I get nostalgic whenever it’s on TV, but I can’t help feeling like there’s more to it.

I love historical movies and especially those where the action is settled in the middle-ages, but If I had to choose one medieval universe to live in , Prince of thieves would win and here is why.

5. It has a certain peaceful feeling.

For a movie about the middle ages a very violent age, one could certainly expect to see a little more violence. Only 4 characters die during the whole movie and three of those were really asking for it. Even the most intense fighting scenes still have a little comical relief. And the scenery ! You have to love the scenery! It gives you the appearance that you just went on vacation in a renaissance village rather than living in an age of fighting and turmoil. Just look at those green hills , those idiylic forests, those calm and mirror like lakes.

4. Highway men give you money

The only robbers we see are the outlaws in the Sherwood forest, and they’re more involved in an intricate wealth redistribution plan than in the usual , you know, slithing your throat and rob you blind. They’re just there to take from those who have too much to give to those who have too little. That makes the roads feel a whole lot safer.

You’re broke and unable to do anything worthwhile with your life, you can just join them, they’ll be happy to take you in and share everything with you.

3. There is no racism

I don’t know how things really were in those times, but it seems that even though there’s that whole crusade war happening in the first scenes of the movie, common people are pretty loosened up about different races and beliefs. Azeem never once has troubles because of his skin color or his religion.

People seem to be more disturbed about him not drinking than about the fact that he is a Muslim, at a time when they are in war with Muslims. And they are supposed to be ignorant medieval peasants. Ouch, modern times, ouch. The stereotypical Muslim in this world is not a crazy fanatic bearded guy with a turban like most people regard them in our modern world but a wise and gentle Morgan Freeman. I think there’s a subtle moral lesson here.

2. The villain is Alan Rickman

Now, how cool is that? Imagine a world where the worst and most evil man is Alan Rickman. And he is not that bad too. He refuses to take lady Marian before he properly weds here. So the bad guy in this universe is a young Alan Rickman who will not rape anyone before he puts a ring on it because he has a moral code.

Not to mention that the king is Sean Connery.

1. The heroes are just plain ordinary people

It’s not my intention to offend Mr.Costner or Ms. Mastrantonio but in this movie they just seemed like plain ordinary people as opposed to fearless heroes in shining armor. Robin and Marian are represented like normal individuals with good sides and bad sides, qualities and defects.

They don’t have perfect bodies, nor do they possess inexplicable skills. They have their weaknesses and their doubts and they are just characters you can relate to, making them and the world they live in more believable. It’s not about their looks or their forcibly written traits , it’s about the choices they make.

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