How To Pick The Right Impact Wrench

How To Pick The Right Impact Wrench

When an impact wrench shall be used

The main reason behind designing an impact wrench is the removal and installation of bolts and nuts. It comes handy in multiple tasks like when you wish to remove the lug nuts while rotating tires, sub-framing the bolts on maintaining the car’s suspension, or while rebuilding your engine you wish to rod the cap’s bearing, the impact wrench works to make such task quickly done. Fasteners are also being tightened using the impact wrench, however, to avoid the damage all the way up you must not torque the bolts. The safe practice is to turn the screw all the way down; the impact wrench shall be used and then to avoid the damage tightening shall be done by hand.

Choosing a right impact wrench is very important so here is what to look for when buying an impact wrench;

Torque; to remove the fasteners the right impact wrench must have enough. Higher the toques the more reliable an impact wrench will be. You need to look for the minimum of at least 150 ft lbs torque.

Weight; some impact wrenches are heavier in comparison to others. If you are dealing with a short project, the weight is not a big important factor, but if you are dealing with long projects than weight is something that matters the most, you will be more comfortable if you choose a lighter wrench as a heavier wrench will be difficult to control.

Size; the smaller the wrench, the better it is, but in some case, there might be some tradeoff between the torque and the size. The small wrench allows the user to use it more comfortably in smaller spaces, but in this case, you will have to sacrifice a torque. A balance between both the features is the best choice.

Impact per minute; this is the rate that determines that how many times in a minute a hammer strikes the anvil. Usually, when the number is higher, it means that the wrench can faster drive the screws, and shall be more easily able to loosen the bolts that are tightly torqued.

The no-load speed; this determines the speed at which the wrench turns when there is zero load present. Whenever the speed is higher, it means that it will fast tighten the screws, but it does come at the cost of lower torque. The best choice is to choose the wrench with higher torque and don’t think so much about the speed.

The adjustment of the torque; the adjustment of the torque is a very important aspect as it allows you to control the wrench’s output torque. It reduces the risk of excess torquing the bolt and also reduces bolt head’s snapping.

Balance and the ergonomics; regarding balance and ergonomics, not all the wrenches you will find will be well engineered. It is best to find a wrench that easily fits in your hand and provides a much comfortable grip, and the balance shall be maintained to avoid over fatigue and to reduce the strain while using it. Hope you liked this article if you need more info about impact wrenches visit our site ImpactWrenchGuides for details info.

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