Past and Present Fabrics

Past and Present Fabrics

Past and Present Fabrics

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Are you a hoarder? Do you collect things that you don’t really need?

As far as I can remember my affinity to different materials started when I was only eight or nine years old. I know what you will be asking next? If I’m into fashion or if I am a fashion designer? My answer will be ‘NO’ to all. I’m the most easiest person to dress up with. I am a jeans and a t-shirt kind of gal. No fancy earrings, no jewelries if I can avoid it.

Being the youngest among the girls and growing up in the company of our maids was not the idea of fun that I would like to spend my days with. So, when mum and dad were at home, I made sure I hang around as much as I can with them. I remember my mum and dad staying at home during their time-off work making a project together.

A plywood board 2 meters long by 2 meters wide with hundreds of nails hammered onto it. Hundreds of them perfectly lined-up , all with the same distance and spaces. The two of them sitting on the floor and continuously stitching and picking thread onto the board. It was only last year that I found out that it was called ‘Looming’. Mind you that was some 40 years later. I was so fascinated by the many colors inter-twined together creating a beautiful curtains and tapestry.

I like hanging around with them and fiddling with all mum’s sewing gadgets. I was so enthused that I even tried using her sewing machine, which ended in a great disaster. My ring finger got caught into the needle and got stitched on. Blood was all over the machine and to make the matter worst I tried to pull my finger and the needle broke while still stuck into my finger. The law of survival ‘act at once’ was applied. So, no antiseptic, no anesthesia, no tweessor. Dad just pulled the remaining part of the needle from my nail. Just imagine how painful I felt that time? And my Dad theory, ‘if it’s your fault don’t even think of crying for you will never get his sympathy’. Until today I can still see the punctured left by the needle on my finger nail.

Did you think I contemplated touching a sewing machine again after that incident? Well, kindly read on to find out.

Why I love to collect them?

Pictured above were some of the fabrics I have collected over the past 18 years not including the materials I collected when I was 10 years old. I don’t even know what had happened to them as I had left home.

A lot of my new collections were still in boxes and I don’t have the slight idea as to when I will have the chance to sit and unpack all of them.
There will be about 500-800 that I have hoarded over the years.(could you imagine? )

I like to be surrounded with colors and patterns. They make me fill happy and at peace
with myself.

I like the idea that when I have that moment that I feel like creating something, it is available
straight away.

There are times I saw a pattern that I would like to copy and reproduce. Knowing the materials
are within my reach, I can easily play with the different fabrics and colors and come up with
a different style and designs of the pattern.

I love them all

I made this costume for my son for their marine parade. Not bad for a first try outs. My son was over the moon waking up in the morning that he got something to wear. He’s a little short and it’s difficult to find an outfit given an ample notice. So, I set aside my fears and did my very best and came out with these. I’ve got one happy little sailor that day.

I made this costume for my son for their marine parade. Not bad for a first try outs. My son was over the moon waking up in the morning that he got something to wear. He’s a little short and it’s difficult to find an outfit given an ample notice. So, I set aside my fears and did my very best and came out with these. I’ve got one happy little sailor that day.

Present Fabrics

Oh you’re so clever Mum!

I didn’t buy him the pencil case because I couldn’t tolerate it anymore. Buying something that lasted only for two weeks: if it’s not the zipper, it’s the material itself. One poke of a newly sharpened pencil can reap the case apart.. So I said to him that I will make him a much better one. I told him to give me three hours and when he comes back after school the following day it will be ready.

Well, I delivered my promise. I came up with his favourite camouflage material that I bought at the opportunity shop and made a reversible two-coloured pencil case. When the other side is dirty already he can turn it and use the other. I made sure the zipper was sewn properly too. A none mass production kind but one made to please and look after.

Voila! he forgot about the subject of forgetting to buy him anything. I received all slurpy kisses when he came home that afternoon. And the story goes on as no classmates believed him that his Mum made it. They thought he bought it online…hmm, that gave me an idea too for my future business because one of the boys asked me if I’ve got anymore of the same material, his Mum said, ‘she’ll pay me.’ I said, Why not? That’s a possibility and an income in the making.

I just love my fabrics hoarding!

My very best collection

With all the fabric collection I’ve had, nothing can beat this one. Why? Because there’s a story behind this collection. My hubby’s auntie was 94 years old when she passed away three years ago. But prior to that she showed me her project and told me that she will give it to me when the right time comes.

The material she gave me was one that had been passed on from generations. Her mother, my hubby’s grandmother was given by her mother who started the sewing of this fabric. The idea was to connect its materials through the changes of time. In their case, from mother to daughter to grand daughter and so on.

The pattern that was created was a hexagonal feature where each piece was sewn by hand. The size of the pattern was 400 centimeters by 200 centimeters. It wasn’t very long, but the idea was to add up only materials that they had afford to buy or were given by friends and relatives.

Now, don’t ask me which material is from what generation, for I can’t tell you anything about it. It would have been better if they had written on the paper backing the initial of the year the material was bought or added. That will really authenticate the product.

Still, I’m happy to get it and wish that I can start sooner stitching up the material. Unfortunately, this will require me to do some more reading because I don’t even have a clue how to start. Nor I don’t even know if its quilting or maybe it’s patchwork.

Wow, I love blue!

An additional material for my collections.

I just bought this Avatar Secret Wishes Neytiri Costume for my daughter for her swimming competitions team dress-up day. I must admit I wasn’t so sure about buying it online as it’s my very first time to buy clothing products online. The costume fitted her perfectly, thanks to the availability of the different measurements provided by Amazon. The quality is superb and it’s guaranteed for return if the size doesn’t suit.

Not everyday you get a product that you’re so happy to talk about . My daughter rated it a perfect 10 as she’s so pleased with the outcome. Well, I love blue and that means its going to stay with the rest of my collection.

Next time you need an outfit like this one. You know where to get them? At Amazon, of course.

Do you collect any of these?

Let’s not call it hoarding. Say its our hobby. It’s more appealing to say what is your hobby? What do you collect? What is the one thing you would like to keep in the house?

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