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Paper Tuning Arrows

Paper Tuning Arrows

Paper Tuning Arrows

Arrow flight is essential in making accurate shots. Whether in the field hunting or on the range target shooting, a smooth arrow flight is often the difference between quality hits and misses.

For an arrow to fly straight, the tip and the tail must travel the same path. Any variation will cause the arrow to wobble and strike the target at an angle. Paper tuning is a simple way to check for proper arrow flight.

To get started, set up a paper target. This can be as simple as two dowels stuck in the ground with a piece of freezer paper pulled tightly across them. Place the target about five feet in front of a good back arrow stop.

Stand back away from the target about six feet or so. Shoot a field tipped arrow through the paper target. make sure to use proper shooting form.

If the arrow flight is not straight, the arrow will hit the paper tail high, tail low, tail left, or tail right. If the arrow hits tail high or tail low, the nock point needs to be adjusted. If the arrow hits tail left or tail right, the arrow rest needs to be adjusted.

For tail high, adjust the nock point down using 1/8 inch increments until corrected. For tail low, adjust the nock point up using 1/8 inch increments until corrected. Shoot the paper target after each adjustment.

For tail left hits, move the rest to the right using small increments. For tail right hits, move the rest to the left using small increments.

These adjustments should correct any problems found while paper tuning arrows.


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