Optimize Your Running Performance By Wearing Technical Running Shirts

Optimize Your Running Performance By Wearing Technical Running Shirts

A runner knows that the best running shoes is not the only thing that will give them good form and performance on the field. Some other crucial factors need to be considered too such as technical running shirts as well as shorts. No matter how good your shoes is for running but if the clothes you wear hinders your running form and makes you sweat like a faucet dripping water, you will still be unable to achieve your goal.

Why opt for technical shirts?

Ordinary shirts you usually wear while doing your daily routine might be comfortable. However, when worn during your running sprint or trail hiking, this ordinary shirts will cling to your body when drench with sweat, hampering your movements in the process. Technical running shirts are made from fabrics, which possess features that remove moisture away from the skin, making it dry and comfortable. Technical shirts will fit the wearer to a T (with the right size), lightweight, made from breathable fabric, which enables moisture to shift away from the skin.

Background of technical shirts

With the advent of newer technology, many fabrics, which are specially design to give comfort as well as provide a sweat-free running moment for the wearer, are utilize for making technical running shirts. CoolMax used to be the only technical fabric utilized for the making of these shirts. CoolMax fabric is made up of yarns created with tiny miniscule indentations or nooks that snatch sweat and relocate it from the inner seam of the garment next to the skin to the external façade of the garment, where it could disperse easily. However, these very features expose the shirt to bacteria like magnet to iron. Hence, the next time the shirt is worn and expose to moisture, these nooks becomes the breeding ground of the multiplied number of bacteria.

Benefits of wearing technical shirts

Several of these technical running shirts are treated with substances that make wicking possible. However, this is often washed away by improper washing and the use of harsh detergents. Yesteryears quest for anti-microbial technical  shirts, which also treats bad odor and regulates body temperature has now been slowly realized. As long as runners keep on sweating while running, manufacturers would continue to upgrade their product to be able to answer their needs.

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