All You Need to Know About Punching Bag Stand & Accessories

All You Need to Know About Punching Bag Stand & Accessories

Hello and welcome to our site. Here we offer you lots of helpful information, suppliers and manufacturers of all types of punching bag stand to help you use your punch bag effectively and have a great cardiovascular workout.

You can buy a punching bag stand for a great price and get all the benefits they bring.

Why You Should Know About Punching Bag Stand & Accessories

One of the big problems with punch bags is how to mount them. Most punch bags require a very strong fixing either from the roof or a good wall and this will dictate where you can put it.

Using a punching bag stand will enable you to have yours where ever you decide. Imagine trying to mount a one hundred pound or more punch bag to your ceiling or wall. Initially it may work great but later down the line you could have big problems. With the heavy weight and swinging motion, the fixings will take a lot of stress and may eventually work loose. This may cause a lot of damage to your wall or ceiling.

With a punching bag stand, you will have no worries. You can put your bag wherever you like without the fear that you are going to damage your home. You’ll be able to really let loose on that bag and get the full potential from your workouts.

Heavy Duty Punching Bag Stand

These are usually constructed of heavy duty steel to give you the strength needed. Designed to hold bags up to 100lbs, these are ideal for people who can’t hang their bag from the ceiling but need the realism and durability of a heavy bag. If you want to kit yourself out with a heavy bag and you don’t want to worry about mounting it then this is the punching bag stand for you. Before you buy, ensure your room has a clearance of 8 feet or more.

Punch Bags on Stands

These punching bag stands come as part of the punch bag itself, preferably made from super strength alloys. With the incorporation of a high grade steel spring, these bags will test your agility and speed, giving you the edge when it comes to accuracy and hand-eye coordination. The punch ball itself will be made from a strong leather air filled ball guaranteeing a long lasting performance. Most will be adjustable from 4 feet 4 inches to almost 6 feet easily accommodating the smallest and the tallest. To ensure wobble free use, these types of bags use a weighted base which will normally weigh in excess of 100lbs.

Inflatable Punching Bag Stand

Ideal for children or people who would like a less intense workout; these inflatable punching bags come with their stand built in and provide fun for the entire family. With a water weighted base, and strong outer skin these punch bags will keep on performing. Easy to knock down but with a lightning fast instant-up motion you will keep coming back for more. When you’ve had your fun, it will deflate and fold away flat for easy storage.

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