Minimalist Living Personal Case Study

Minimalist Living Personal Case Study

Minimalist Living Personal Case Study

This is a post for those of you who are starting on this journey to learn and implement the ideas and principles of minimalist living. To be honest, for someone very new to the idea of minimalism, it can be hard to cope with the idea of giving up a lot of the needless things you own.

But there’s a great pay-off at the end which most people lost track of. I thought that this personal minimalist living case study may be of some help to you, so here we go:

How It All Began

Everything was going fine. I had a good job (or what seemed like a good job?) with a full-time salary and health benefits. I had a nice apartment with a beautiful view.

But you know what was missing? Furniture. I wanted some awesome furniture.

So I went out and bought an “awesome” couch, a couple of end tables, a bed (that I still have), a small dining set and lastly a bedroom chest.

This all might sound like a lot but I started by buying one thing at a time, every couple of months until one day, after having all this furniture, I realized I wanted more.

Yep. So I bought a flat screen tv and a nice $300 stand for it.

A few months later, a familiar feeling again returned, hungry for something more. At this point, I stopped and looked around my apartment.

Did I really need to buy more stuff or was I ignoring emotions that I couldn’t face; instead replacing them with momentary happiness in the form of shopping?

Was all the furniture not good enough? Were all my clothes not enough? Did I need another pair of sneakers? I was surrounded by all these things and the things I owned ended up owning me.

That’s when I realized it was…

Time to Change

I knew things had to change. Don’t get me wrong: I wasn’t a hoarder but buying stuff wasn’t the answer either. That’s when I started doing research online and offline. I realized I wanted to keep things simple. Sure I want my furniture and flat screen tv but I don’t want these things to take over. That’s when I discovered minimalist living.

Minimalist Living: Is It For Me?

This is a question I struggled with for a long time. When you think of a minimalist, you think of a bald monk, sitting on his prayer rug in a big, empty room surrounded by.. Well, nothing!

That’s not what minimalist living is about! Minimalist living is all about taking care of yourself and your environment so you feel peace of mind.

I didn’t give away all my favourite things. Just because you want to live minimally doesn’t mean you need to give everything away!

However, you do need to de-clutter your mind!

If I Did It, So Can You…

It took me a better part of 6-9 months to reduce to my favourite ‘essential’ items. Minimalist living is a process. It took me a little while to cope with the minimal ‘mindset’ so be aware that you might feel like ‘giving up’.

There is no giving up. As long as you’re aware that you want to live this lifestyle, then you’re already doing it. If you need some help, check out The Art of Being a Minimalist.

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