The Mental Side Of Shooting

Mental Side Of Shooting

The Mental Side Of Shooting

A good deer hunting tip is to practice visualizing the shot on that next deer. This will help prepare for when the real shot occurs. This technique is often taught in many forms of shooting. Whether using a bow or firearm, mental focus is just as important.

One approach that may be used is to set up your stand or blind and imagine that big buck walking out in front of you, Go through the motions in your mind and practice making the shot. This will help program the mind for success.

Another approach is done by setting out targets and actually shooting at them. Imagine yourself in the field under hunting conditions. Place the targets at several angles and distances. Mentally focus on each shot placement as if it were a deer. Make the shots accordingly.

When hunting season arrives, make sure to continue the mental focus. While on stand, pick out different locations and mentally practice making a shot. Estimate ranges to areas you anticipate the deer to walk through. Give yourself a mental picture. Visualize making the shot in your mind.

By preparing mentally, when the time comes to actually make a shot attempt, you will be more confident. This confidence is often the difference in success or failure.

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