The Magical Effect of Encouragement

The Magical Effect of Encouragement

What if your words were exactly like the seeds a farmer plants, nurturing all summer before harvesting to reap great rewards? Most anyone who views this scene could have a feeling of appreciation for the work, commitment, and time invested in the field. Imagine the farmer cursing his field, gossiping to his family about all its drawbacks when he should be planting. Would the beautiful field full of flowers, ready for harvesting still be here? My view says doubtful, if it does happen to get created many flaws will exist.

The same man that sees flaws before planting, is always ready to quit, his own lack of commitment creating even more breakdowns. Perpetually in “walk away” mode, seemingly, always looking for a reason to hold back willingness to achieve excellence. This changes decisions moments to moment, leading to actions that don’t nurture and in fact undermine.

Commit to your Life Speaking it into Existence

When we are committed new possibilities are seen! When committed to the field certain actions are taken. We think and talk about it, how proud we are of it. This has us spend time watering it, fertilizing it, never questioning the time and resources spent. The same goes for a child, a mother, a pet, our commitment decision, has us do different things. Then the outcomes are different. Scream at a customer service person for a few minutes, then see if they have any capacity left to help you. Only the most seasoned and skilled person might be able to help you but, it’s doubtful. Paradoxically, bringing grace and encouragement to a request that says “something is missing” may leave enough space and willingness for someone to find a way to help.

What if whatever you picked, any action or partnership you endeavored might be perfect just because you committed to it? I’m here to say to you, this is truer than most of us will be able to grasp, but the ones that get it, create amazing, Art, Businesses, Relationships, and so much more.

Do you Criticize the Sun for Rising?

Hopefully, you said No! And you may say, “it’s not the same”, yet I think it is. Watching and participating with people for half a century, I have witnessed and done many things. Lately, I’ve seen a man decide to alter a will because a close relative chooses to smoke a legal substance. No doubt, the disdain is heard and felt, and what does that bring back? How might that effect the receiver? What won’t he try now in an effort to sidestep pain?

How will he muster the courage for an interview, or to support a friend in need? And, why don’t we criticize the Sun? Because it’s going to rise and set anyway, we can have no effect on it, or so we think, so it’s accepted. Imagine how much harder it would be to enjoy a beach vacation in Hawaii if you could hardly stand the sight of the Sun? You know that feeling of AAAHHH, felt while sunbathing is simply dead to you now.

The Sun peaking into the morning window while coffee is brewed no longer holds any magic, what now? That same man spoken about previously is a genius with money, rarely taking an action that is not fruitful. His actions are carefully planned to produce a return, over time reducing activity that is not productive. What if that discipline was applied to all his actions towards with people as well? What if we just stopped taking all actions that could cause discomfort for another? What kind of World could we create?

Encouragement is What Brings in The Bounty

Someone literally just reached out to me via another social media sight. Seeing the email, I called back right away, we had come together nearly a year ago for a brief moment via phone regarding employment. As we spoke tonight she mentioned a sensing hope in my voice back then, encouragement for her no matter what was to come.

An extraordinary conversation for a fleeting moment of contact, it stayed with her. She is at a crossroads, no longer does she want to make decisions based on fear, not having enough. We get stopped from trying things when there is too much judgment up front, there is so much we can’t see. We often don’t know what we want, and can’t see what will appear later after trying something and committing to it. How long of a commitment you ask? As long as it takes!

Try simply choosing to participate or not, withhold the criticism until you get to a place where it is not in you. I promise, everything will look and act differently when you do!

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