Do You Know The Best Types Of Exercise To Get You Into Top Shape?

Do You Know The Best Types Of Exercise To Get You Into Top Shape?

A fit 25 year old woman who dances two hours five times a week is most unlikely to receive the benefits she is after from following the same exercise program suited for a 65 year old woman who plays golf once a week and enjoys walking with friends on occasion.

The Best Types Of Exercise To Suit You

As people mature their goals change and what they want to get out of their exercise programs will also change. Take an athletic eighteen year old woman who is focused on improving her athletic performance through following a specialized training program. Compare her to a 35 year old businesswoman who exercises primarily to keep in shape and who also understands that exercise reduces stress, something she needs to give her relief from her hectic work schedule.

Do You Know Your Goals?

While the young athlete is focused on improving athletic performance as her major goal it is likely that the businesswoman would be more interested in knowing the amount of calories burned during exercise so she had some idea on the effectiveness of her exercise routine in assisting her to lose weight.

Core Strength Workouts

Core strength workouts are extremely effective particularly if you have chronic back pain and are looking for workouts that are fun, not too long, and offer an interesting challenge plus provide great results.

Isometric Exercises

One of the types of exercise that is less well known is called isometric exercises. This term refers to a type of training that requires you to hold your body in a stationary position during particular exercises while you resist a force that is being applied.

This style of training is used by some when working out with weights, involving the weight being held in a particular position until the weight cannot be supported any longer. It is also used for various stretching exercises when a person holds a stretch for a sustained period. Isometric exercises can be very effective but they require strong focus and mental toughness and are usually for those who are quite advanced in their training. For this reason isometric training will not be one of the types of exercise that will suit everyone.

Exercises To Lower Blood Pressure And Lose Weight

Some people will be concerned about performing exercises to lower blood pressure when choosing what types of exercise to do . Should you have a blood pressure problem you would be wise to seek advice from your doctor on the exercise plan you intend to follow.

It is generally understood that aerobic exercises which use large muscles (your glutes and thighs are your largest muscles)are excellent for lowering blood pressure. Since brisk walking involves both your thighs and glutes, a 30 minute plus brisk walk would be a good example of one type of exercise to lower blood pressure.

An Important Key To Losing Weight

And nearly everyone talks about doing exercises to lose weight. The good news is that exercises which are good for lowering blood pressure are generally good for losing weight. There is however one additional key to performing exercises to lose weight. That key involves strength training that builds your larger muscles. The reason being is because the more muscle you have the more fat you burn.

The Benefits Of Weight Training Routines

Weight training routines are a tremendous way to gain strength and muscle size that will allow you to burn more fat. There are increasing numbers of women using weights in their exercise programs and reaping the rewards. But there are some women who still think that they will build unsightly bulky muscular bodies by lifting weights. If you want to perform exercises to lose weight quickly, then you will want to combine resistance training with aerobic exercises.

Unless you take body building steroids (a very dangerous activity) you will not become a muscle bound woman. You will however become more toned and athletic in appearance, as well as strengthen your bones – which is a highly desirable outcome!

Warm Up Exercises

Whatever exercise program you choose, (and I hope you do choose one), please do not neglect performing warm up exercises. Warming up your body prior to vigorous exercise becomes of even greater importance as you mature. Whether we like it or not our joints and muscles require more warming up as we progress through our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond, than the joints and muscles of an 18 year old.

You don’t have to spend a long time performing warm up exercises, but 5 to 10 minutes of sensible effective warm ups can make the difference between remaining injury free or cursing yourself for pulling a muscle while exercising. Unfortunately I speak from experience in this regard and plan to always warm up correctly!

Take A Long-Term Approach For Best Results

I think most people today understand the advantages of exercise yet there are still way too many who do not perform suitable types of exercise on a regular basis. Why is this? Well, for one thing we humans can choose to do what we want, whether it is good for us or not. Most of us tend to want all the good stuff immediately and struggle to accept that it takes time to achieve excellent results.

Learn To Get Real To Make Life-Long Progress

When it comes to performing the right types of exercise this need for instant gratification creates within us the tendency to have unrealistic expectations without our being prepared to put in the necessary effort to obtain great long-term results.

In our down-loadable books you will discover great exercise tips to immensely increase your chances of enjoying exercise for the rest of your life and achieving a great sense of wellness and vibrant health, but please remember that you need to start and exercise regularly in a way that you enjoy.

We Can All Make Great Progress

You may already be in good shape, or maybe you are extremely obese, or somewhere in the middle. Whatever level of physical fitness and health you are (unless you are a world class athlete at the top of your game) there is always the ability for you to progress towards your personal healthy lifestyle goals and use the best types of exercise to suit you, whether you want to perform muscular endurance exercises, cardiovascular exercises or strength training exercises.

Some years ago Jonathan was at a fitness training seminar and one of the presenters described how one of her clients had been extremely obese.

You Can Begin Exercising Now – Whatever Fitness Level You May Be

The very first exercise she gave her client to do was, while sitting watching TV, and only during the ad breaks, to roll a tennis ball around on the floor under her feet, one foot at a time.

This was the first step this person took in regaining a decent quality of life for herself. She continued to exercise and gradually was able to perform more vigorous exercises, persevering until eventually she became a fit and healthy woman. This woman persevered and found the types of exercise that worked for her.

I realize this is an extreme case but I use it to demonstrate that wherever you may be on the spectrum of physical fitness and health you have the ability to achieve your goals. It isn’t only about starting a race, it is very much about whether you continue to run and if you have what it takes to finish the course.

The great news is that we all have what it takes!

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