Must Needed Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

Must Needed Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

Food for the family is prepared in the kitchen so it must be kept clean and hygienic. In order to do this, some tasks must be done daily like washing the dishes and sanitizing the counter tops. Some are weekly and monthly kitchen chores like cleaning the oven, microwave, refrigerator. In order to complete these tasks, you need the right cleaning tips and supplies.

The Following Supplies Should be Kept on Hand

  • Sponges, scrubbers and scouring pads. These are used for cleaning dishes, pots and pans, kitchen counters, oven tops and insides. Also use them to wipe down kitchen appliances. A word of caution: dry your sponges, scrubbers and scouring pads after use. Or, they will become smelly and act as breeding grounds for bacteria and germs! Popping them in the microwave for two minutes should do the job.
  • Bottle and toothbrushes. Bottle brushes can help you get into those tight glass or plastic bottles. Toothbrushes are great for brushing small kitchen tools and corners of baking pans. Wash and dry these after each use.
  • Kitchen rags. Soak up spills with rags. But just like sponges, don’t leave them wet. Unless you only wiped spilled water, it is best to wash the kitchen rag immediately with soap and water. After which, hang it up to dry.
  • Paper towels. To prevent bacterial growth on your sponges and rags, opt for paper towels to mop up raw meat or fish juice and broken eggs.
  • Latex gloves. Always good to protect your hands from any chemicals or caustic agents found in commercial cleaning products.
  • Mop and bucket. Used in cleaning your kitchen floor.
  • Dish-washing liquid. For washing your dishes, glasses, pots and pans. If you have a dishwasher, you will also need dish-washing detergent or liquid.
  • Oven cleaner. Used to remove any baked-on food. Before using read the instructions.
  • All-purpose cleaner. Use in its diluted form to mop the floor. In a bucket, add a cup or less of this cleaner to water and mop away.
  • Glass cleaner. If your kitchen has shelves with glass windows, you can use glass cleaners to keep them clean. Also use on glass oven doors.
  • Cleaners and polishers for stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. To make your pots and pans shiny again, keep the right cleaners and polishers on hand. If you have silverware, have silver cleaners or polishers on hand.

To be more eco-friendly, you can opt for natural cleaning products. Baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, cornstarch and borax are great for cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing your kitchen. Apart from being eco-friendly, they are also safer to use than commercial cleaners.

Keep all your daily kitchen cleaning tips/supplies in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. These items should be organized and stored neatly for easy access.

For cleaning items that you only use once a week or longer, especially those that are chemically enhanced, it is best to store them in the garage. Lock them in a cabinet or place them where your young children and pets cannot reach them. Don’t forget to check the expiration dates, if any, on your cleaning supplies. Throw out any cleaning supplies (including sponges, rags and mops) that have gone past their useful age.

Keep things clean as you go! Dishes, pots and pans, cooking and baking tools (especially the cutting boards), containers, and the kitchen and oven counter tops must be cleaned after each use. The kitchen is where your family’s meals are prepared. Keeping the right kitchen cleaning supplies handy and using them properly ensures that whatever comes from the kitchen is healthy and safe for the whole family.​

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