Household Garbage Disposal- InSinkErator Cover Control-¾ HP

InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution ¾ HP Household Garbage Disposer

Food waste is something that every household has, and every household has to find a way to dispose of. Food waste is not just an inconvenience, it can be a real problem, So you need to find a better way of household garbage disposal. Rodents and pests can be attracted by the smell of decomposing food waste and those rodents and pests can carry germs and diseases with them. The less food waste you have sitting around your home the fewer germ ridden pests you will have in your home.

Household Garbage Disposal- InSinkErator Cover Control-¾ HP

Food waste raises greenhouse gas emissions as they decompose. When you use a food waste disposal unit to get rid of food waste around your home you will improve the environment for everyone in the world.

household garbage disposal

Many people see a food waste garbage disposal unit as a luxury item that the rich people have. I say that a food waste garbage disposal unit is a necessary item to help keep our homes cleaner, pest free, and to keep our world a safer place to live in.

Features I Love about this Garbage Disposer

I truly believe in garbage disposer units helping you to have a healthier home to live in and the following features of this garbage disposal unit make it one of my top choices to recommend to people that I know.

Magnetic Cover Start

No one can accidentally flip a wall switch and activate the grinding mechanisms of this food waste garbage disposer because it is activated using a magnetic start cover. When you have placed the waste into the disposer and are ready for it to be ground up you place the magnetic start cover into position and the food waste is disposed of. If for any reason you have to reach your hand into the garbage disposer you never have to worry that the disposer will be accidentally activated and you will be injured. It is impossible to activate the grinding components of the garbage disposer without having the magnetic cover properly in position.

7 Year In Home Service Warranty

When you buy this food waste disposer you do not get the standard one year replacement warranty lie most garbage disposers come with. You get a full seven year warranty and the manufacturer will send a technician to your home to make the replacements or repairs that you need. If your appliance gives you any trouble you simply call the manufacturer and they will give you the number of a local technician that services the appliances in your area.

Ultra Quiet Technology

This food waste disposer is one of the quietest garbage disposers on the market today. You will love how quiet and smooth this appliance runs. Many people dread using their garbage disposers because the appliances are typically very noisy. With this unit you will gladly use it, even when you have guests in the home.

Chrome Plated Stopper

The chrome plated stopper assures you that water will stay in the sink when you need it to and will not cause any problems with the other things you are doing in the kitchen. The little things are often the most important ones.


  • ¾ HP Dura Drive Motor
  • Two stage grinding technology
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • No wall switch required
  • Chrome plated stopper
  • 7 year in home warranty
  • Quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a wrench to help you unclog jams when
  • An anti-vibration tailpipe mount
  • All necessary clamps
  • Quick lock sink mount


  • No power cord included
  • Heavier than some garbage disposers and you may need a helper to help you hold it in place during installation

Final Thoughts

Using a best garbage disposal unit should not be a safety hazard. You should never worry that anyone could be injured using your garbage disposal and this unit does not rely on a wall switch so you will not have to worry that anyone could be injured while using it.

A garbage disposer should be affordable, easy to install, and easy to use. This garbage disposal is all of those things plus many more. You will love how easy the food waste disposer is to connect to your sink drain. The instructions are simple to follow, and if you have ever had a disposer in the sink before you will have no problem putting this one in place.

The garbage disposer is affordable and it is made even more affordable by the fact that it last for many years. You could easily use this food waste disposal unit for twenty years before you had to consider replacing it. It is made from high quality materials and by experienced craftsman that put a seven year warranty behind their work because they have such a great amount of confidence in the appliances they build.

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