The Importance of Having a Good Quality Baby Stroller

The Importance of Having a Good Quality Baby Stroller

A baby stroller is just a baby stroller, right? What do you have to be so concerned about? After all, this is just a cradle on wheels which is only used for 2-3 years. That is one way to look at things, but you can expect a tone of problems and frustrations to come tumbling on your head during those years. If you want to avoid them as much as possible, you should carefully consider the type of stroller you need and, most importantly, its quality level.

Types Of Baby Strollers

Making a long story short, these are the main types of strollers you can find:

  • The standard baby strollers. Full of all kinds of features, these are the most heavy and cumbersome strollers. Also, the baby will be facing you all the time. The versatility of this kind of stroller will compensate for the larger weight.
  • The lightweight strollers. As opposed to the first category, these are very light and easy to use. They are best used for short walks, as you can’t carry much with them, and newborns may not be really comfortable in them in case of longer trips (it does depend on the brand, though).
  • The jogging stroller. Similar to the standard stroller as far as size and weight is concerned, these are best for you if you like to exercise a lot. The ride is very smooth for the baby, you have adequate storage capacity, and they are stable when running and easier to handle than a standard stroller.
  • Travel systems. With a travel system, you get a versatile tool, combining the advantages of a standard stroller with an infant car seat. Its lifespan is probably the longest of the types listed so far.
  • Double stroller. In case you have 2 babies, this stroller is recommended. Versions with more than 2 seats exist, but are quite rare considering that giving birth to 3+ babies is a rare occurrence nowadays.

What’s Important to Be Aware Of

A good stroller will have some of the following features, while an excellent one must have all of them. If you take a look at them, you will understand why it is important to have a good quality stroller.

  • The handle should be adjustable so that both tall and short persons can push the stroller around without back pain.
  • Reliable brakes, which are also easy to apply. A tap of a button of the handle or near the wheels should be all there is to bring the stroller to the stop. If an entire ritual is needed to stop the stroller, your child might be in great danger.
  • The swivel-wheels should be able to take you in a straight line without constantly making small corrections. If they can also be locked, buy it.
  • Weight. This will obviously be a biased approach as, to some, 25 lbs will be heavy, while others will say it’s light. So before buying anything, try to judge its weight and see if it fits your needs.
  • How the seat feels. Opinions may differ, but ask yourself this: Is it comfortable enough? How much does it recline? It is removable? Does the padding shift too much to one side when the seat is reclined?
  • Accessories. Don’t neglect them: Does the stroller support accessories? If so, what kind and do they have to be bought separately? A good stroller can come with great accessories that will make both you and the baby happy. For example, a small feeding table for the baby can come in handy, while a cup holder can be very convenient for you.

Bottom Line

As you probably realized by now, it is important to have a high quality stroller by your side. Sure, it will be used only for a few years (unless you plan on having more babies), but there is no reason to suffer during that time; that is especially true for babies. And if money is an issue, buy the stroller with maximum comfort for the occupants, not for the one doing the pushing.

All in all, it’s better to spend more on a high quality baby stroller that will last for years and offer you and the baby comfort and safety, than to spend a few bucks on a stroller that may break down in a few weeks or give you and your child a lot of headaches (to say the least).

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