Hunting Safety Tips

Hunting Safety Tips

Hunting Safety Tips

As an avid hunter and outdoors man myself, it always seems amazing to me how often hunting accidents occur. I am referring to the one’s involving the use of firearms. Every year when hunting season starts, there is a news brief about some one that has shot himself or someone else. I have been safely hunting for nearly forty years. I try to use good judgment and common sense. With the coming of turkey season, I have compiled a list of hunting safety rules.

1. Do not use alcoholic beverages before or during hunting.

2. Do not use illegal drugs before or during hunting.

3. If you are currently taking legal prescription drugs, make sure they do not cause any mental or physical issues that may reduce hunter safety.

4. Treat all firearms as if loaded.

5. Keep the safety on your firearm until ready to shoot.

6. Keep your fingers away from the trigger area until you are in a safe position to shoot.

7. Do not load your weapon until you are in a safe place to shoot.

8. Always be aware of the direction that your firearm is pointing. Downward is the safest position.

9. Know what you are shooting at before you shoot.

10. If you are not absolutely sure of your target, do not shoot.

11. Know what is behind your target before you shoot.

12. Use common sense. If you are unsure about anything, do not shoot.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Never take chances, one mistake may cost you or someone else their life. With the hunting season on top of us, just remember to be safe out there. No turkey or other game animal is worth any one’s life. Always use good judgment and watch out for others.

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